The Surprising Reason Sippy Cups Can Hurt Your Toddler

The Surprising Reason Sippy Cups Can Hurt Your Toddler

While working as a volunteer dentist in Africa, I was surprised by all the beautiful smiles I was seeing. Children would get into the dental chair, and I’d immediately notice their textbook-perfect straight teeth, perfectly developed jaws, and wide smiles—and yet none of them had ever seen a dentist, much less gotten orthodontic treatment. They…

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Wet Nurse No More Thumb

Wet-Nurse No More: Modern Milk Sharing 2.0

Back before there was a breast versus bottle debate, women who could not or did not breastfeed were able to choose a third option: breast milk from another mother. In most traditional cultures, this meant wet-nursing, with family members able to provide this (often literally) life-saving role. In later periods such as 19th century England,…

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Milk Supply

Breastfeeding Challenges: Could it be low milk supply?

I am bravely, yet confidently, going to make the following statement: Hold back your gasps—most women can produce enough breast milk to exclusively breast feed their babies.   The concept of “low milk supply” is often a misunderstanding of what is really going on.  When women come into my office concerned with a low milk…

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Baby Safety Product Guide

Baby Safety Product Guide by Itsabelly

Since 2007, Melissa Moog, founder of Itsabelly & co-author of the Itsabelly’s Guide to Going Green with Baby, has devoted her time to scouring the juvenile market for the best Green (non-toxic) Baby Products. Itsabelly’s curated list is comprised of baby products made by eco-savvy companies with the safest materials possible. Products chosen for Itsabelly’s…

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2 in 1 Recipe: Roasted Carrot Soup & Savory Carrot Purée for Baby

2-in-1 Recipe: Roasted Carrot Soup & Savory Carrot Purée for Baby

Carrots are sweet and delicious and make a wonderful meal for your baby. Turning this meal into a warm and inviting carrot soup for the rest of your family is the perfect warm, satisfying dinner.   When the fall rolls into our countryside, it gets cold, and my kids love warm snacks. This rustic soup…

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Banana blueberry Raita

Banana and Blueberry Raita

This Banana and Blueberry Raita is delicious, naturally sweet, fresh fruit meal chock-full with amazing health benefits for your little one; suitable for babies from 7 months +. Yogurt is calcium-rich and probiotic, necessary for a healthy gut and immune system. The potassium (found in bananas) works efficiently to aid calcium absorption, leading to strong…

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Human Milk: What Every Baby's Body Needs

Human Milk: What Every Baby’s Body Needs

Human milk has everything a baby’s body needs—a perfect blend of calories, nutrients, and antibodies. Parents looking to protect their child from asthma are urged to breastfeed. Parents hoping to keep their preemie from developing necrotizing enterocolitis (a life-threatening gastrointestinal infection) are encouraged to breastfeed. And while there’s no guarantee that your breastfed child will be…

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Sweet Corn Tamales & Corn, Potato, and Carrot Purée for Baby

2-in-1 Recipe: Sweet Corn Tamales & Corn, Potato, and Carrot Purée for Baby

This is a simple flavored purée that is great for a new baby just trying out flavors because it’s mild and sweet. If you make this dish when your corn is super fresh, then you grab that natural sweetness that Mother Nature provides. My babies always loved this combination. Corn, Potato, & Carrot Purée for…

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Green Child Magazine Talks to Liza Huber

Green Child Magazine Talks to Sage Spoonfuls Creator, Liza Huber

In a world where health often takes a back seat to convenience, it’s reassuring to see moms in the spotlight making homemade meals a priority.  Actress and mother of three (with one on the way), Liza Huber has even designed a business around helping other parents make their own baby food: Sage Spoonfuls. The daughter…

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2-in-1 Recipe: Spiced Mini Muffins & Apple, Squash & Raisin Puree

2-in-1 Recipe: Spiced Mini Muffins & Apple, Squash, Raisin Puree

Welcome to fall, when the leaves turn gold, red, and orange. The winds get brisk. Babies just learning to walk stumble through big leafy piles, and kids are getting their last tree swinging days in. The air is crisp, and the harvest of the season brings us foods that are meant to boost our immunity….

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Today I Ate A Rainbow Giveaway

When it comes to nutrition, a healthy, organic, whole foods diet is at the top of my list. I am a firm and staunch advocate of introducing your children to veggies — not fruits first — and making them the same nutritious meals you would feed yourself. As a rule, don’t make “kids” meals and…

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breastfeeding success

Your Toolbox for Breastfeeding Success

Breastfeeding can be hard OR it can be easy. Our culture presents many stumbling blocks to breastfeeding success, which causes many mothers to think it may be an unachievable goal.  Here are a few tools to put in your toolbox to help ensure breastfeeding success. A Can-Do Attitude  “I’m going to try to breastfeed.” This…

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Breastfeeding - Good for planet

Breastfeeding – Good for You, Your Baby, and the Planet

Considerable attention has been given to the countless health reasons for breastfeeding, but have you ever considered breastfeeding as an environmental issue? Besides protecting the health of mothers and babies, breastfeeding is an important way of protecting the health of our planet as a whole.  Here are just a few of the important ways that…

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