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Building a Great Relationship with Your Child

Want to be a great parent? Want to raise a happy, healthy, well-behaved kid? Want to live in a home where discipline becomes unnecessary? The secret is to create a closer connection with your child. “What do you mean? Of course I love my kid, and I tell him so all the time. But that…

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babywearing addict

Portrait of a Babywearing Addict

“Could you email Kokoro at exactly 12:15 the capitalized words ‘BAUHAUS PERISCOPE’ and make certain that they’re hash tagged along with my @LynnyMae account?  They’re selling a unicorn hand-dyed hand woven that Coconut Robot wants and will trade the…” I have NO idea what my wife is talking about. After I reach in my pocket…

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Tech Neck: How to Relieve Neck Pain & Improve Your Posture

“Tech Neck” sounds like a gimmicky new trend ailment, but if you’ve ever experienced the neck pain that comes from overuse of your cell phone, tablet, gaming console or computer, you know it’s a real thing. It can affect any technology users, young or old. “Repetitive postures, such as leaning your head forward or extending…

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Natural Love of Learning

Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Love of Learning

Nurturing a child’s love for learning begins with trust. As unschoolers, we trust our children to know when they are ready to learn and what they are interested in learning. We trust them to know how to go about learning. Parents commonly take this view of learning during the child’s first two years, when he…

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Big Kid Bed

Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

As parents, we all know the importance of sleep. No matter the age of your child, you realize that their entire day can be thrown off because of a rough night’s sleep, lack of a nap, or generally just trying to find the happy balance of enough sleep (for every family member) with an infant….

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Vaccination: Let’s put the judgment to rest.

Vaccination: Let’s put the judgment to rest

Any debate can get ugly. The vaccine debate is no exception. Recent stories in the mainstream media stories – including articles published by USA Today and The Washington Post – dish out the blame, accusing parents who don’t vaccinate of being “hysterical,” “hostile,” “irrational”, and a threat to public health. Horror stories abound, featuring babies…

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Lego Survival Guide

How to Repair an Original Lego Creation Without Your Child Knowing You Broke it

Editor’s note: This article started as a Facebook post. One morning my cousin (who was like a sister to me growing up) updated her status to: “Another chapter in my never written on paper but often thought of parenting guide is ‘How to Quickly and Flawlessly Repair an Intricately Developed Original Lego Creation Without the…

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The benefits of infant massage

In Your Loving Hands: The benefits of infant massage

We all hold the innate gift of a healing touch. Throughout history, from ancient to modern times, there are references to this most natural ability. With kind touch, we’re able to deeply connect to others, to comfort, to calm, to heal and to give and to receive love. With our loving hands and bodies, we’re…

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Imagine if you got to skip much of the learning curve… having been raised with the principals of attachment parenting by compassionate, spiritually conscious parents.  That's just the perspective Serena Dyer brings to life (and soon to motherhood) as she awaits the birth of her first child this spring. Her book, Don't Die With Your Music Still In You, co-authored with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, is an enlightening look at her experience growing up in a spiritual environment.

Green Child Magazine Talks to Serena Dyer

Natural parenting doesn’t always come… naturally. Some of us are still working through less than ideal habits and patterns that were handed to us by our own parents. And even for those of us with a healthy upbringing, it can be challenging to tune in and access our intuition in this noisy world. Imagine if…

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Spring 2015

Our Spring issue has arrived!

Celebrate Spring with all the latest in natural parenting and green living. We searched high and low for the safest, most convenient and eco-friendly baby items in our 5th Annual Baby Gear Guide. Our Spring issue is also filled with ways to bring natural fun and meaning to Earth Day and Easter – including the…

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Internet Anxiety GCM image

Help! The Internet is Giving Me Pregnancy Anxiety!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled your way into an obsessive parenting frenzy. Whether it’s a strange pain during pregnancy or baby’s first fever, today you can access a million answers in mere moments. Some of the answers you find will put your mind instantly at ease. Others might just have you rushing to…

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sibling transition

Small Person, Big Changes: Introducing a new sibling

Adding a new baby to the family is an exciting time for families. Children especially feel that eagerness as they hold their new baby brother or sister for the first time; they finally get to see who has been inside of mom’s growing belly all these months! Their initial enthusiasm may fade, though, as the…

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Eco Spotlight: SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight

Nighttime can be a scary time for little ones. Whether it’s creepy creaking noises, shifting shadows, or nondescript monsters, they all have one variable in common. Each of these things is made unbearable by darkness. Using a nightlight seems like the logical solution, right? But, they’re not ideal. Traditional nightlights are rife with issues. They…

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Holiday 2014 GCM

Our Holiday 2014 Issue is Here

Your one-stop guide to celebrating the holidays sustainably! Find festive ideas to bring both FUN and meaning to your family this year. Kid-friendly DIY gifts, ideas to deck the halls naturally, and tips for keeping your family healthy this winter… From celebrating a conscious Thanksgiving to embracing the spirit of the season, you’ll be ready…

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Bonding with Papa

Bonding with Papa

Ideally, having a baby is a joyous time – but realistically it can also be a very challenging one. It’s not uncommon for men to find it difficult to adjust to the arrival of a baby and the radical changes this brings, especially when you’re a first time parent. There’s very little that can prepare…

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A Little Free Library Can Make a Big Difference

Maybe you’re homesteading on a super rural road and don’t have ready access to a public library. Perhaps you and your neighbors are avid readers without the time to hit up the library regularly. Or, maybe you just want to connect with your community and share your love of good books. Then, the Little Free…

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annies feature

What the Annie’s Acquisition Means to Shareholders and Spoonholders

The announcement that General Mills would acquire Annie’s Homegrown sent the food world spinning. There was an allergic reaction, and within hours of sharing the news, Annie’s Facebook page had over 9,000 comments.  To consumers, it was an emotional grenade. As I dug into the announcement, the first email that I sent was to Annie…

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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Whether they’re assigned in the form of a chart, a wheel, or a jar, chores play an important role among families. Not only do regular household jobs teach kids responsibility and prevent a sense of entitlement, they instill in children a vital sense of importance in the family. When kids are able to participate in…

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Attachment Parenting Special Needs feature

Attachment Parenting Your Special Needs Child

Every child needs good parenting. However, some children have an extra special need for it. Nearly one out of four households in the U.S. has one or more children with “special needs”: any condition that presents significant challenges to a child’s ability to function normally, whether it be physically, mentally, socially or emotionally. This can include…

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Fall 2014

Our Fall issue is here!

Autumn… Fall… whatever you like to call it – a new season is here! And we’re excited to share a brand new issue with you. Filled with family-friendly ways to enjoy this vibrant time of year, you’ll find DIY costumes and healthy Halloween fun, a celebration of today’s autumnal equinox, green crafts, and as always…

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