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Happy Natural Holidays! Enter to win a $20 Gift Card from Abe’s Market

Add a little eco & healthy to your holiday shopping or entertaining! Abe’s Market is pretty much everything we look for in any type of store, whether online or brick-and-mortar.  They not only carry a wide selection of eco-friendly products – a one-stop shop for your laundry soap, food items, and holiday gifts – without the fluorescent…

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Caring for Diaper Rash the Natural Way

Caring for Diaper Rash Naturally

Oh no!  You’ve just changed your baby’s diaper only to find a flaming read rash on her bum.  Now what?  Regardless of what type of diaper you use (disposable or cloth), you will likely encounter a diaper rash along the way.   Did you know that many of the diaper creams on the market contain…

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Succulent Garden Jungle

DIY Fun with a Succulent Garden

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with succulents. They’re low maintenance, and they come in quirky shapes and sizes. Kids are naturally drawn to their unexpected colors and textures. Make a a trip to your local nursery and let the kids select their favorite succulents. Use gardening supplies you…

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Integrity Botanicals Strawberry gift set Giveaway

Integrity Botanicals: Organic Strawberry Bath & Body Set Giveaway

“A company with a conscience…some may say it’s an anomaly…we call it Integrity.” That’s one of the things we love about Integrity Botanicals. What else do we love?  The fact that you’ll never find a product in their shop that contains synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, harsh detergents, artificial fragrances, sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals or other unhealthy toxins….

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A Safe Place to Play

A Safe Place to Play: Backyard & Playset Safety Checklist

Nature Deficit Disorder is the term Richard Louv and the Children and Nature Network coined to describe the severe lack of outdoor activity experienced by today’s youth. In fact, only about six percent of kids aged nine to 13 choose to play outside on their own each week. As parents, we want to encourage our…

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Team Energy Star & Epic the moview

“Epic” Summer Movie Fun with Team ENERGY STAR

Looking for a fun way to get your kids involved in an environment-saving activity? Join Team ENERGY STAR to teach children about the importance of saving energy and stopping climate change using easy, money-saving actions! At the Team ENERGY STAR website, you’ll discover downloadable interactive materials, such as a comprehensive Action Kit and the ENERGY…

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Rosario Islands Necklace Giveaway

Rosario Islands Necklace Giveaway

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re teaming up with Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry to give away one of her newest pieces.  The Rosario Islands Necklace is made from fish scales. Talk about upcycling! The fish scales are purchased from local fishermen in Cartagena, Colombia and are then cleaned and boiled. After a gentle dyeing process,…

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Goddess Garden Natural Continuous Spray Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen Giveaway

Green Child is excited to help Goddess Garden introduce their newest product. It’s the first-to-market Natural Sunscreen in a Continuous Spray – easy to apply and easy to love! Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen products help protect your child’s sensitive skin from not only the sun – but from cancer-causing chemicals found in many conventional sunscreens….

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Little Fox Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness Giveaway

“Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness” by Little Fox Giveaway

When a company promises “monthly gifts of awesomeness,” you can’t help to have high hopes. With this package of goodies from Little Fox, feel free to let your expectations soar. The December 2012 pack (of awesomeness) was an eco-consciously packaged cluster of items including a Little Green Pouch reusable food pouch, Coyuchi organic cotton aviator…

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Pong Case Giveaway

Pong Cell Phone Case Giveaway

Our Winter issue features an in-depth look at the effects of radiation on pregnant women, babies… well, pretty much all of us.  And to help increase awareness on this important issue, we reached out to some of the smartest green brands who are not only leading the way in research, they’re also creating products that…

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Africa Children's Choir

Give Up a Gift for Africa

Editor’s note: While there seems to be no shortage of “stuff” to buy during the holidays, we’ve been delighted by how many brilliant ways there are to Give Back.   When mom and activist, Shelley Lawrence, shared how she got involved with the African Children’s Choir, we knew it was a worthwhile cause to support….

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BlendTec Giveaway - Green Child Magazine

BlendTec Holiday Giveaway

Mix up your holiday recipes with the BlendTec Total Blender Classic WildSide and separate Twister Jar! Read just about any healthy cookbook and you’ll find a reference to a high-quality blender.  When it comes to making your own smoothies, soups, and sauces… there’s nothing like a powerful blender like BlendTec to create a perfect mixture, while…

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Join us for the #GreenGifts Twitter Party – 11/13/12

The holidays are coming and the #GreenGifts party coming up on November 13th is not to be missed! With great sponsors and prizes from Allegory Pens, Onya Baby, VZWraps, Grassroots Store, Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Eco Store USA, Squooshi, Binky Spritz, Red Charlotte, YoBlocks, Hevea & Organic Baby Gift Boutique the…

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Glob Pack of 6

GLOB Natural Paints Giveaway

At first glance, you’ll think they’re seed packets.  Appropriately so, since GLOB eco art & crafts supplies are made from fruits, vegetables, and spices with natural ingredients and organic extracts.  Also available in a jar size, you choose how much you need, so there is very little waste. GLOB water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water.  And…

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EcoPlayTime Twitter Party

Parents Play Date – Join us for the #EcoPlayTime Twitter Party

Instead of doing another load of laundry during nap time (or before you get the kids from school), hop on Twitter and talk to some grown ups! We’ll be chatting about everything from babies to school-age kids. In 140 characters at a time, you can tell us how wonderful, scary, exciting, frustrating, exhilarating, and exhausting…

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Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 11.48.47 AM

VacciShield Giveaway

  When it comes to the important and sensitive subject of vaccines, we believe each parent is entitled…actually obligated… to make an informed decision. If you haven’t arrived at a decision you feel comfortable with, we recommend brushing up on your research at Mothering Magazine’s online vaccine resource section. By sharing this giveaway, we aren’t trying…

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organic baby blanket

Baby Essentials Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review and Giveaway

It’s been hot outside this summer and tough to think about buying a baby blanket, but at night the temps can become cool and you need something to place over your child. The Organic Cotton Baby Blanket from Organic Essentials has become my favorite blanket since receiving it a couple months ago. Decorated with a…

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