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Category Archives: DIY / Crafts

Nature Activity

DIY Activity: Bringing Nature In

My son and I spent a lot of time hiking and collecting leaves, pinecones and flat rocks during the fall months. We have a large plate on our family room coffee table that holds all of our favorites. It is … Continue reading

DIY First Aid Ointment

Homemade First-Aid Ointment

Bumps, bruises, minor burns, scrapes and scratches. They are a part of life, and for many of us a particular name brand “triple anti-biotic ointment” has been burned into our brain as the ointment to use, except as we now … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Fabric Gift Bags

How to Make Your Own Fabric Gift Bags

Since our wildly popular post about wrapping gifts sustainably, many of you have asked for a How-To guide to making your own fabric gift bags.   So we’re delighted to say… Here it is! We are all about DIY — sewing, knitting, … Continue reading

DIY Ghosts

DIY Halloween Flying Ghosts

When it comes to Halloween decorations, the most eco-friendly option is to use what you have.  These ghosts are whimsy enough, small kids will think they’re fun… not frightening. Here’s what you’ll need to make DIY Flying Ghosts: Materials: Sheet … Continue reading

Succulent Garden Jungle

DIY Fun with a Succulent Garden

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with succulents. They’re low maintenance, and they come in quirky shapes and sizes. Kids are naturally drawn to their unexpected colors and textures. Make a a trip to … Continue reading

DIY Story Board

Create Your Own Story Board

There are few things as amazing as the imagination of a child engulfed in a book. The words on a page can bring to life even the most wild stories and beings. Help encourage a love of reading by getting … Continue reading

Celebrating the joining of two people is a beautiful thing. Make it even better with an eco-friendly bridal shower that’s good for her and the planet.

How To Host a Green Bridal Shower

Celebrating the joining of two people is a beautiful thing. If you’re hosting a bridal shower, you can make it even more beautiful by giving your favorite bride a shower that’s both good for her and the planet. There’s no … Continue reading

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