How to organize your gift bags (paper or fabric), wrapping paper, and other items that might be handy to embellish a gift.

DIY Gift Wrapping Station

The simplest way to wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way is to use what you have. Using what you have means if you still have paper gift bags left over from last year, by all means, use them!  Don’t think of paper as your enemy – it’s really one of the best options for wrapping bigger gifts. …

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Play Up Your Child’s Imagination and Creativity with “No Battery” Gifts

Remember that thing you played with all the time when you were a kid?  It was with you from sun up till sun down.  You didn’t buy it at any toy store… it was free.  And it’s what could turn an empty box into a dollhouse or a broom handle into a light saber. Where…

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A Modern Homesteading Christmas

A Modern Homesteading Christmas

I remember the days when gifts of fancy clothes and décor items were hotly anticipated in our home.  Seems like forever ago.  Then we moved to ‘the country’, and my personal Christmas gift list became unrecognizable from my previously very urban sensibilities. Since moving onto our 6 acres, my gift list has gone from high…

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Holiday 2014 GCM

Our Holiday 2014 Issue is Here

Your one-stop guide to celebrating the holidays sustainably! Find festive ideas to bring both FUN and meaning to your family this year. Kid-friendly DIY gifts, ideas to deck the halls naturally, and tips for keeping your family healthy this winter… From celebrating a conscious Thanksgiving to embracing the spirit of the season, you’ll be ready…

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Add a Little Heart to Your Holiday Gift List

It’s almost time to start your holiday gift list.  Whether you use our planning tool complete with names, gift ideas, decorations, and budget – or you use the back of the grocery receipt… you’ll soon be filling it along with your hopes and dreams of getting all your shopping finished by December 15th. Having a list to…

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Wrap gifts green

How to Wrap Gifts Sustainably

You’ve selected the perfect eco-friendly gift, now it’s time to wrap it without creating a bunch of waste. When it comes to most things in life, presentation is everything. Why is raspberry glaze drizzled so elegantly on top of the cheesecake? Because we enjoy food with our eyes just as much as with our taste…

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Simplify Your Holiday

10 Tips to Simplify Your Holiday

Simplicity expert Sandy Kreps shares 10 tips from her new book, Simply Christmas, to help you streamline your holidays so you can enjoy the season and what matters most. Prioritize the activities and events that are most important to you and your family. Then organize your schedule around them. If family tradition dictates a big…

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Fill your holiday with the joy of giving

Good For Goodness’ Sake: Fill Your Holiday with the Joy of Giving

The holiday season brings cozy joy. Chilly drifting snow begs for creamy hot chocolate and cuddle breaks over black and white movies. Your heart fills to the brim when finding gift after gift to perfectly display your love toward your lucky recipients. Thoughts of a gentle, jolly fellow who rewards lovely children (okay, okay, almost…

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The Flexitarian Holiday: Stick to your values and still enjoy tradition

Do the holidays have you already feeling the temptation to indulge in foods and traditions that no longer match your lifestyle? Seasonal festivities are meant to be fun, but we all know they can also be the source of stress. One strategy that may help ease the pressure for your family is to take a…

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Financial Stress this Holiday Season

5 Ways to Lower Your Financial Stress During the Holidays

Money doesn’t just burn a hole in your pocket.  It can also burn a hole in your stomach … from stress.  How does that work? Well, worrying about having (or not having) money is one of the major stressors all year round, but it deals a double-whammy during the holidays. The increased level of advertising…

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Gift It Green Reusable Fabric Gift Boxes

Wrapping gifts in fabric just got (even) easier.  If you’ve ever received a gift from me, most likely it was wrapped in some form of fabric.  A cloth gift bag or a furoshiki style wrap… I love the simplicity, fun color options and reusability of fabric. The only downside to a fabric gift bag is…

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Holiday Gifting Etiquette

Editor’s note:  What a privilege it has been getting to know Dana Holmes of this year. Today she’s sharinge her expert advice on holiday gifting etiquette. The holidays are a time of joy, giving, and catching up with family and friends near and far. Between preparing a holiday meal, decorating your home in time…

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Africa Children's Choir

Give Up a Gift for Africa

Editor’s note: While there seems to be no shortage of “stuff” to buy during the holidays, we’ve been delighted by how many brilliant ways there are to Give Back.   When mom and activist, Shelley Lawrence, shared how she got involved with the African Children’s Choir, we knew it was a worthwhile cause to support….

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“Gimme, Gimme” How to Manage Your Child’s Holiday Gift Expectations

The holidays are upon us… the season of gifts and “gimme’s.” All around us, kids are encouraged to reveal their wishes of candy, gingerbread cookies, and overstuffed stockings next to shiny new bikes/game systems/toys-of-the-year, complete with giant bows on top. Whether for budgets or a desire to live a less cluttered lifestyle, parents everywhere are…

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