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Take a volunteer vacation and get a chance to soak up the local flavors and culture, while making it a meaningful trip!

Travel for Good — Volunteer Vacations

As their children get older, many conscious families look to Ecotourism for their annual family vacation.  Essentially it is responsible travel, replacing indulgent vacations that are either no longer affordable… or just don’t feel right to green-minded travelers. The Travel … Continue reading

No Trace Camping With Kids

No Trace Camping with Kids

The smell of crisp, clean air, the sound of rain hitting the leaves above the tent or laughter around the late night campfire; these are a few of my favorite things. I was 6 months old on my first camping … Continue reading

green travel with kids

Tips for Green Travel with Kids

Summer is the official kick-off for family road trips, travel and family fun. Traveling with you kids is a great opportunity to introduce them to the world beyond their backdoor. Traveling is also a chance to show your children that … Continue reading


NaturalMat Organic Top Mat Giveaway

Worried about the second-hand mattress your friend gave you because it’s not organic and may off-gas? Do you have a mattress from your first child and now you’re more leery since you possess greater knowledge of the materials used to … Continue reading

clothesline green

Eco Travel – Teens Going Green

By Claudia Looi and Bethany Looi Walking along the narrow alleyway along centuries old buildings and stores…the smell of fishy water, occasional dripping of water from the cracks of walls…and they looked up. Rows of colored dresses, sheets, shirts and … Continue reading


Miles Outside Organic Giveaway

I love April. I love the fresh smell of emerging plants, the warmer (but still cool) temperatures, and all of the hope that arrives in the form of new life. In April, I anticipate the summer months and all of … Continue reading

Aruba – A Tropical, Eco-Friendly Paradise

Aruba is a place where people appreciate and respect the flora, fauna and environment, actively protect both marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and live in a sustainable balance between socio-economic development and the conservation of natural resources. It is also an … Continue reading

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