We are excited to partner with My Green Mattress to offer their Twin-Sized One-Sided Pure Echo Mattresses to one lucky reader.

My Green Mattress Pure Echo Giveaway

It’s time for one of your favorite giveaway items!   We often receive questions about healthy, non-toxic mattresses, and the biggest concern parents have is cost. As it turns out, organic cotton and natural wool mattresses are priced pretty competitively with their counterparts that contain the stuff you don’t want next to your child for…

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Big Kid Bed

Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

As parents, we all know the importance of sleep. No matter the age of your child, you realize that their entire day can be thrown off because of a rough night’s sleep, lack of a nap, or generally just trying to find the happy balance of enough sleep (for every family member) with an infant….

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12 Reasons to LOVE cloth napkins

12 Reasons We Love Cloth Napkins

Each year in our Back to School issue, we use the most adorable cloth napkins as backdrops and accessories in our popular school lunch inspiration section and feature. Not a week goes by in August that we don’t get an email asking, “Where can I get the pink polka dot napkin from your healthy lunches…

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All Natural Cold

Eco Spotlight On: Maty’s Healthy Products

When the temperatures turn to freezing, there’s a noticeable increase in our little ones’ sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. It’s a time of year that we all dread for that reason. What’s worse than seeing a once fun, energetic child turn into a poor little sluggish, cranky mess? It’s enough to break a parent’s heart. A…

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A Modern Homesteading Christmas

A Modern Homesteading Christmas

I remember the days when gifts of fancy clothes and décor items were hotly anticipated in our home.  Seems like forever ago.  Then we moved to ‘the country’, and my personal Christmas gift list became unrecognizable from my previously very urban sensibilities. Since moving onto our 6 acres, my gift list has gone from high…

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Fair Trade Jewelry

Zulugrass Fair Trade Jewelry by The Leakey Collection

How much of a difference can Fair Trade jewelry make? When one Kenyan woman heard of the opportunity to earn a living making Zulugrass jewelry, she pulled together enough money to travel a great distance to another East African village by bus to learn the trade. She quickly became the highest producer of jewelry in…

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Green Wedding Gifts that Don't Create Clutter

Green Wedding Gifts That Don’t Create Clutter

This question showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday: “What are your most used and least used items from your wedding registry?  I don’t want something in my kitchen or house that doesn’t belong there.” My friend’s younger sister is getting married and asked this question. It’s interesting to read the answers and see some…

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Eco-friendly options for your Spring Fundraisers

Make Spring Fundraisers a Snap with Eco-Friendly Options

Schools, youth groups, and spring sports… there are plenty of organizations looking to raise funds this season.  Take this opportunity to teach kids the value of raising money while instilling the importance of helping the environment at the same time.  The following companies offer the perfect spring fundraisers to do both: Good Search Who knew…

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Little Fox Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness Giveaway

“Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness” by Little Fox Giveaway

When a company promises “monthly gifts of awesomeness,” you can’t help to have high hopes. With this package of goodies from Little Fox, feel free to let your expectations soar. The December 2012 pack (of awesomeness) was an eco-consciously packaged cluster of items including a Little Green Pouch reusable food pouch, Coyuchi organic cotton aviator…

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Dolphin Organics founder Ayo Hart talks to Green Child Magazine

Eco Spotlight On: Dolphin Organics

Dolphin Organics has quickly become a bath-time favorite for families who care about non-toxic baby care products. Recently, Dolphin Organics launched a new line for tweens, DO Naturals and so seems positioned to emerge a brand for the entire family. We sat down with founder, Ayo Hart, to learn more about her company, her products and…

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Pong Case Giveaway

Pong Cell Phone Case Giveaway

Our Winter issue features an in-depth look at the effects of radiation on pregnant women, babies… well, pretty much all of us.  And to help increase awareness on this important issue, we reached out to some of the smartest green brands who are not only leading the way in research, they’re also creating products that…

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Green Child Magazine Talks to Liza Huber

Green Child Magazine Talks to Sage Spoonfuls Creator, Liza Huber

In a world where health often takes a back seat to convenience, it’s reassuring to see moms in the spotlight making homemade meals a priority.  Actress and mother of three (with one on the way), Liza Huber has even designed a business around helping other parents make their own baby food: Sage Spoonfuls. The daughter…

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Earth Paints for Kids

Eco Spotlight On: Earth Paints

When was the last time you let your creativity run wild? For many busy parents, art has become something we hang on the fridge when it comes home from school, or glance at while our children entertain themselves as we make dinner. But the more we learn about how the brain works, the more you…

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Glob Pack of 6

GLOB Natural Paints Giveaway

At first glance, you’ll think they’re seed packets.  Appropriately so, since GLOB eco art & crafts supplies are made from fruits, vegetables, and spices with natural ingredients and organic extracts.  Also available in a jar size, you choose how much you need, so there is very little waste. GLOB water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water.  And…

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organic baby blanket

Baby Essentials Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review and Giveaway

It’s been hot outside this summer and tough to think about buying a baby blanket, but at night the temps can become cool and you need something to place over your child. The Organic Cotton Baby Blanket from Organic Essentials has become my favorite blanket since receiving it a couple months ago. Decorated with a…

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Find Healthy, Sustainable Food With Clean Plates Guides and App

I started reading the Clean Plates guides to Manhattan and Los Angeles last week, the first thing I thought was, “why doesn’t every city have a Clean Plates guide?” The website itself is outstanding, no matter what city or town you live in, and whether or not you are vegetarian or a carnivore.  Clean Plate’s website is…

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nourish organics coconut balm

Eco Spotlight On: Nourish Organics

Here’s a question that puzzles me.  If one talented, passionate mom is able to create luxurious and effective baby care products with only safe ingredients… why aren’t the big manufacturers even willing to try? The answer dances somewhere around the all important bottom line. But even though many parents don’t have the time or resources…

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DIY Natural Insect Repellent recipe

DIY Natural Insect Repellent with Essential Oils

Our Summer Issue is full of Natural Summer First Aid and Safety Tips… including this recipe for making your own natural bug repellent. Why go to the trouble of putting together a non-toxic first aid kit if you’re going to keep spraying your family down with DEET to keep mosquitoes at bay?  Commercial insect repellents…

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NaturalMat Organic Top Mat Giveaway

Worried about the second-hand mattress your friend gave you because it’s not organic and may off-gas? Do you have a mattress from your first child and now you’re more leery since you possess greater knowledge of the materials used to create crib mattress? Are you looking for healthy solution but you don’t want to throw…

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A Happy Green Life

A Happy Green Life Laundry Detergent

Let me say this first about, A Happy Green Life, before I get into the nitty-gritty review of their laundry soap. The ladies that run this company are passionate about their product and provide excellent customer service.  A Happy Green Life is a small company based out of California and owned by two women who…

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