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Encourage Mindfulness with Inner Rhythm

During the holidays, we all hope to give our children a gift that means a little more. The latest fad toy won’t cut it; instead, we strive to purchase an item that will educate, inspire, and, of course, entertain kids. But, is there truly one meaningful holiday gift for any child that hits all of…

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Dehydration & Tummy Troubles: Master herbalist, Susie Lyons, shares natural, home-care tips to prevent dehydration when your child has a stomach bug.

Ask the Herbalist: Dehydration & Tummy Troubles

Question: My 5 year old son has a case of gastroenteritis caused by some medication for bronchitis. It’s been about 6 days of constant diarrhea, with vomiting multiple times a day! We have taken him to the doctor but I worry about him getting severely dehydrated. I told the doctor I was giving him coconut…

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Getting nutrition from healthy, organic food is best, but if you're looking to supplement your child's diet, these 3 supplements are the most important.

The Trinity of Daily Supplements for Children

“I love to take vitamins, eat fish, and make sure I have my fermented foods each day!” said no child ever. As a pediatrician, I’ve yet to come across a child who eats a perfectly balanced diet every single day. With school, activities, and our overall culture of “busy,” it’s not always easy for parents to prepare a…

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Looking for new ways to encourage your kids to  go green?  Here are some fresh new ideas on having big sustainable fun!

Fresh & Fun Green Habits for Kids

Given the inquisitive nature of children and their limited attention span, it can get tricky to think of new activities to encourage your child’s interest in going green. But instead of getting them into the car and driving to the nearest mall, why not use the free time to teach them eco-friendly activities that they…

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Tech Neck Slider

Tech Neck: How to Relieve Neck Pain & Improve Your Posture

“Tech Neck” sounds like a gimmicky new trend ailment, but if you’ve ever experienced the neck pain that comes from overuse of your cell phone, tablet, gaming console or computer, you know it’s a real thing. It can affect any technology users, young or old. “Repetitive postures, such as leaning your head forward or extending…

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Potty training at your child's page

Potty Training at Your Child’s Pace

Let’s get straight to the point on this one. Potty training is nothing to stress over. If you’ve practiced attachment parenting, you know how successful and worthwhile it is to watch your child’s cues for readiness in every area of development.  Toilet training is no different. “From baby’s viewpoint, toiling is his initiation into ‘bigness’ –…

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Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine: An Interview with Founder Stephen Ritz

“The single biggest prognosticator for a child’s success in life is to have access to one kind, caring adult. And I am going to be that kind, caring adult.” As the school year begins anew for many of us, it’s a perfect time to evaluate the impact that teachers have on our children. Their work…

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Good Sleep

Helping Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A full day of school can use up a lot of your child’s energy. Add in homework and extracurricular or social activities, and you can see why adequate rest is important to keep those little bodies thriving. While each child is different, these guidelines can help you spot if your child’s sleep schedule is on…

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Easing Empty Nest Transitions

“Are you OK?” my husband asked me. “You seem kind of quiet tonight.” “Yes, I’m OK. I just…Well, you know JJ started kindergarten this week,” I felt a lump in my throat. “And he’s been in school for 3 days now…” Tears came to my eyes. “And I guess…it turns out…I’m not handling it so…

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Natural Love of Learning

Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Love of Learning

Nurturing a child’s love for learning begins with trust. As unschoolers, we trust our children to know when they are ready to learn and what they are interested in learning. We trust them to know how to go about learning. Parents commonly take this view of learning during the child’s first two years, when he…

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Green Child Fall 2015

Our 2015 Back to School Issue is Here

Each school year brings its own adventures. Make it the best school year yet with our 2015 Back to School issue. Find the best new gear, tips on making the first day – and every day – simple and fun… and dive into our annual healthy lunch section. Plus trusted natural parenting advice on everything…

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Big Kid Bed

Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

As parents, we all know the importance of sleep. No matter the age of your child, you realize that their entire day can be thrown off because of a rough night’s sleep, lack of a nap, or generally just trying to find the happy balance of enough sleep (for every family member) with an infant….

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12 Reasons to LOVE cloth napkins

12 Reasons We Love Cloth Napkins

Each year in our Back to School issue, we use the most adorable cloth napkins as backdrops and accessories in our popular school lunch inspiration section and feature. Not a week goes by in August that we don’t get an email asking, “Where can I get the pink polka dot napkin from your healthy lunches…

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Lego Survival Guide

How to Repair an Original Lego Creation Without Your Child Knowing You Broke it

Editor’s note: This article started as a Facebook post. One morning my cousin (who was like a sister to me growing up) updated her status to: “Another chapter in my never written on paper but often thought of parenting guide is ‘How to Quickly and Flawlessly Repair an Intricately Developed Original Lego Creation Without the…

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Evolved Parenting: An interview with Jordan Schachter

Jordan Schachter is a thought-leader in the conscious parenting arena. His perspective on life and parenting shifted profoundly from his time living with a tribe on Vanuatu in the South Pacific, where he didn’t once witness a temper tantrum, sibling rivalry or crying from any of the children.  He felt called to devote his life…

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Helping Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Think It Through: Helping Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Being able to think critically about any given problem is a skill most parents want their children to have. Creative problem solving is a coveted skill not only in all lines of work, but life in general. It starts with being able to be curious, flexible, and open-minded. And while many kids learn problem solving…

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Celebrating Earth Day lends itself to a posture of gratitude. If you do only one thing on Earth Day, go outside!

10 Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:

Earth Day is a celebration! This year let’s be mindful to treat it as such,  because celebrations bring families together. Set aside time to do something different. Have fun together. And remember the incredible life lessons Earth Day and living green will teach your children:  Get outside! Take a walk, explore someplace new, or lay down…

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Life Lessons from Earth Day

Earth Day is a celebration! Treat it as one, because celebrations bring families together. Set aside time to do something different. Have fun together. And remember the incredible life lessons that Earth Day and living green will teach your children: Gratitude Celebrating Earth Day lends itself to a posture of gratitude. If you do only…

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5 Steps to Gratitude GCM post - image

5 Steps to Encourage an Attitude of Gratitude in Our Children

My brain knows that gratitude is important.  I know when I am in a state of gratitude–aware of my blessings, small and big, I feel happier and less alone.  I feel more connected to the people around me, and my life experiences. I feel in my body a life force greater than myself. But my…

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