Easing Empty Nest Transitions

“Are you OK?” my husband asked me. “You seem kind of quiet tonight.” “Yes, I’m OK. I just…Well, you know JJ started kindergarten this week,” I felt a lump in my throat. “And he’s been in school for 3 days now…” Tears came to my eyes. “And I guess…it turns out…I’m not handling it so…

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Natural Love of Learning

Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Love of Learning

Nurturing a child’s love for learning begins with trust. As unschoolers, we trust our children to know when they are ready to learn and what they are interested in learning. We trust them to know how to go about learning. Parents commonly take this view of learning during the child’s first two years, when he…

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BTS 2015 GCM

Our 2015 Back to School Issue is Here

Each school year brings its own adventures. Make it the best school year yet with our 2015 Back to School issue. Find the best new gear, tips on making the first day – and every day – simple and fun… and dive into our annual healthy lunch section. Plus trusted natural parenting advice on everything…

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12 Reasons to LOVE cloth napkins

12 Reasons We Love Cloth Napkins

Each year in our Back to School issue, we use the most adorable cloth napkins as backdrops and accessories in our popular school lunch inspiration section and feature. Not a week goes by in August that we don’t get an email asking, “Where can I get the pink polka dot napkin from your healthy lunches…

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Violence in Our Schools

Violence in Our Schools: How parents can help create a more peaceful world

We all hunger for peace. Yet far too often this seems to be just a dream, hopelessly out of reach. Instead of the peaceful life we all want, we have strife in our families, in our communities, and between our nations. We lose hope of anything better, and begin to think that nothing will ever…

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Grace and Courtesy

Grace & Courtesy: Helping children learn self-discipline

One of the foundational factors in good Montessori schools is what we call “Grace and Courtesy.” This is our curriculum of how to behave as a functioning part of the home or the classroom community. Rather than “making our children mind,” we demonstrate how to behave appropriately. Grace and Courtesy is the oil that keeps…

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Earth Rangers

School Fundraisers – Giving Kids a Choice

A sense of compassion and caring is something parents and caregivers strive to instill in their children.  One of the ways families try to do this is by encouraging their children to get involved in charitable giving.  However, before voting on the next fundraiser for your school, there a number of things you should consider….

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Individualized Learning One Style Does Not Fit All

Individualized Learning: One Style Doesn’t Fit All

Each of us tends to prefer one way of learning to another. Some learn best through reading. Others prefer to hear information spoken before they can make sense of it or remember it. Some need to see diagrams or demonstrations in order to develop understanding. Still others need to physically touch, manipulate, move, and experiment…

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10 Tips to Help Your Child Guard Against Bullying

Bullying begins in preschool and gains momentum as kids grow. Depending on which survey you read, between 40 and 80 percent of middle schoolers admit to bullying behavior. Not only is Bullying pervasive, it has become increasingly dangerous, so that children are committing suicide or being beaten to death by their bulliers. That’s the bad…

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Secondhand Shopping

5 Tips for Back to School Shopping Second-hand Style

Who says a new school year has to mean an expensive new wardrobe?  Shopping used not only helps you consume less, it can help you save big time… often 75% to 80%.  Here’s how to make the most of your second-hand shopping trip. 1.  Start early Thinking ahead can save you lots of money and…

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Learning at Home

Learning at Home

Our homes are powerful places for living and learning. As we move through the daily and weekly rhythms of home, we discover a panoply of learning moments for our young children. These moments are not tied to a curriculum, not focused on standards or expectations. They happen naturally, organically, as our children follow their innate…

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Reasons to Love Waste Free Lunches

How packing a waste-free lunch could save your family $400 a year

It’s back to school time, and for many families with young children, that means back to the morning routine of getting the kids out of bed, dressed, and out the door with a packed lunch and snack for the day.  During the inevitable morning scramble, putting together a lunch, or several lunches, often leads to…

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First Day of School Photo Tips

How to Capture the Best First Day of School Photo

The first day of school has long been a Kodak moment, but with the advancement in phone cameras and the rise of amateur photographers, Junior’s picture has gone from a last-minute, front-porch snap to a fully thought-out production, complete with chalkboard lists, professional signs and staged poses. The photo experts at SmugMug – the largest independent photo-sharing…

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Back to School 2014 issue of Green Child Magazine - free natural parenting magazine

Fresh Ideas for Back to School

Your family’s best school year yet starts here with our 2014 Back to School issue. Find the best new gear, tips on making the first day – and every day – simple and fun… and dive into our annual healthy lunch section. Plus trusted natural parenting advice on everything from homeschool and individualized learning to…

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How to Choose Waste Free Lunch Containers

How to Choose Waste-Free Lunch Supplies

We’ve always done our best to pack waste-free lunches. Our boys have used stainless steel water bottles all along, but for packing food, we’ve experimented with everything from BPA-free plastic to stainless or glass containers.   I’m fairly certain that – unless for a field trip – we haven’t sent a plastic container or baggie to school…

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rain or shine

Rain or Shine! Students learning in nature all day, every day

Fall usually means more time spent inside, but there’s no reason to let a little inclement weather stop your children from playing outdoors. Just look at the “Rain or Shine” preschools in Scandinavia, where toddlers spend the majority of the day outside all year round, playing in creeks, digging in dirt and chasing each other…

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How to sort and organize your child's artwork and school papers

Get Organized! Curating School Papers & Artwork

School is back in session. With most schools, that means plenty of paper: spelling tests, math homework, artwork, notes and reminders. That paper pile can quickly become an avalanche if you don’t have a plan for dealing with it. You can’t keep everything your child makes. There’s simply too much of it. Not only do…

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Natural Lice Prevention

Natural Lice Prevention

School means close quarters for kids.  But if there’s a head lice outbreak at your child’s school, rest assured there are ways you can prevent and treat it naturally. Talk to your children about not sharing their personal items.  Younger children tend to be very willing to share things like hats, headbands, hair ties, head…

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Food Allergies: Success at School

Food Allergies: A Recipe for Success at School

Food allergy is a growing health concern in the U.S. and for good reason. It’s not uncommon for kids to have allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, a life-threatening event, while at school. Often, this is a result of a lack of education and preparation. Understanding the impact food allergies have on affected children is the first…

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Feng Shui for Your Child

Encourage Calm, Healthy Energy with Feng Shui in Your Child’s Room

Did you know that the ancient art of Feng Shui (pronounced fung-schway) can give your child the joys of a happier and more fulfilled life? The places you spend the most time have a profound effect on your life outlook.  Giving your home good Feng Shui helps create a positive life trajectory with meaningful, purposeful…

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