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Natural Lice Prevention

Natural Lice Prevention

School means close quarters for kids.  But if there’s a head lice outbreak at your child’s school, rest assured there are ways you can prevent and treat it naturally. Talk to your children about not sharing their personal items.  Younger … Continue reading

Crowdfunding options to raise money for your school

Back to School, Back to Fundraising

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, and mom and dad are starting to plan the annual fundraising – from the yearly benefit dinner to the quarterly product sale. Parents and educators who are looking … Continue reading

A Moms Journey to Kindergarten

A Mom’s Journey to Kindergarten

Bittersweet. It’s a word that has become overused – especially by parents – it has in many ways lost its impact. I’m as guilty as anybody; but it is so much more convenient to respond with ‘bittersweet’ when people ask … Continue reading

Raising a Motivated Student

How to Raise a Motivated Student

All parents want their kids to get good grades at school.  But why does being a good student matter? Most important… quality of life. People who can do enough math to handle mortgages and taxes, who understand the financial and … Continue reading

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