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The importance of tribe

Beyond Babywearing: Part Two

The Importance of “Tribe” in Modern Parenting Part 1 of this article revisited the classic book The Continuum Concept: In Search of Paradise Lost, and three important Continuum parenting principles discovered by author Jean Liedloff (often regarded as the mother … Continue reading

Encourage Your Child

5 Phrases to Inspire and Encourage Your Child

It’s no secret that kids need encouragement to thrive. But what exactly does encouragement sound like? It’s different than praise or admiration or guidance. It is common to want to give evaluative feedback to kids for their work (“Good coloring!”), … Continue reading

Winter 2014

Our Winter 2014 Issue is Here!

Our first issue of a new year! And it just feels natural that a new beginning should focus on Pregnancy & Birth. We’re honoring our moms-to-be with a wisdom-filled article on the seasons of pregnancy, some down to earth birth … Continue reading

Positive Parenting as a Team

It Takes Two: Positive Parenting as a Team

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but “best” is relative to the individual. Especially when it comes to attachment parenting. One parent may feel co-sleeping will offer their children security, while the other may feel that their … Continue reading

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

It was a rainy Friday morning when our son woke us.  He had found his cat curled up at the end of his bed, and she wasn’t doing well.  We rushed to the veterinarian’s office, where we learned that she … Continue reading

A Moms Journey to Kindergarten

A Mom’s Journey to Kindergarten

Bittersweet. It’s a word that has become overused – especially by parents – it has in many ways lost its impact. I’m as guilty as anybody; but it is so much more convenient to respond with ‘bittersweet’ when people ask … Continue reading

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