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Natural Discipline for the Older Child

Natural Discipline for the Older Child

Your children may be past the age of tantrums and biting, but as they grow, behavior challenges certainly don’t go away. Your child’s brain won’t reach full maturity until long after childhood.  The average age is about 27 years old, … Continue reading

Kelly Bartlett shares 4 steps to encouraging resilience

Raising Resilient Kids

Of all the qualities parents desire for their kids, resilience is often one of the highest on the list. Resilience is our ability to cope with futility. It’s about all those moments in life—large and small, major and minor—they don’t … Continue reading

Raising a Motivated Student

How to Raise a Motivated Student

All parents want their kids to get good grades at school.  But why does being a good student matter? Most important… quality of life. People who can do enough math to handle mortgages and taxes, who understand the financial and … Continue reading


Natural Discipline for the Early Years

When it comes to children’s difficult behavior, a parent’s first question is usually, “What should I do?” We tend to want to eliminate it, fix it, or get it under control. But it’s important to understand that the behaviors we … Continue reading

Making Timeouts Positive

Making Time-Outs Positive

In parenting, time-outs have an important and effective role. A time-out is a chance for both children and parents to pause, regroup, and collect themselves. They are most effective when they are about feeling better as opposed to being used … Continue reading

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