Karmanos Birth Center - Gorgeous!

The Best of Both Worlds: Natural Birth in a Private Suite

…Featuring the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth “Your body knows how to do this… your baby knows how to do this…” These are the words I find myself hypnotically saying at almost every birth, as I watch a mama dive deep into herself to bring her child into the world. Your body, when left alone…

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Prenatal Yoga GCM image

Prenatal Yoga for an Easier Natural Birth

You already know how yoga can help improve flexibility and calm your nerves.  But, did you know, a prenatal yoga practice can also set you up for an easier birth? The National Institute of Health reports that mothers who practiced yoga during pregnancy experienced decreased preterm labor, fewer instances of low birth weight, and significantly…

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Herbs & Pregnancy

The process of conception, gestation and birthing is the beginning of all things – the beginning of life. Is there a more natural process? To complement the ultimate natural process, doesn’t it make sense to remain as close to nature as possible? A great way to do that is to care for your body during…

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Our 2015 Pregnancy & Birth Issue

Find everything you need for a healthy pregnancy in our annual Pregnancy & Birth issue. Your favorite, trusted contributors are sharing advice on everything from encouraging your child through a new sibling transition and reading to your unborn baby to breastfeeding myths and avoiding anxiety during pregnancy.   You’ll also find a guide to safely…

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Hypnobirthing Hippies

How HypnoBirthing and Going Green Enhanced our Pregnancy

When I was a kid, I ran off to the beach as soon as school was over every day, anxious to surf with my friends. I was in love with the ocean. Before I knew it, I was founding my school’s environmental club, surfing every chance I could get, and pledging my devotion to vegan…

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The Seasons of Pregnancy

There is something wonderful about creating new life in the midst of spring, your belly blossoming with the flowers and your skin glistening in the sun. Embracing the warmer season is an excellent way of staying healthy and fit for a wonderful birth experience. From seasonal activities to nutrients at your fingertips, this is one…

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Natural Birth

Choosing a Natural Birth

Choosing to have a natural childbirth is a wonderful way to begin your journey into motherhood. By birthing naturally, you will gain the confidence and wellbeing necessary to create an instant bond with your newborn. Mothers who choose gentle, and natural childbirth tend to have an easier transition into breastfeeding, compared to those women who…

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McKenna & Phillip Welcome Emerson James at Home

Birth Without Fear is an online treasure trove of real life birth stories from mothers of all walks of life. Founder January H. has created an inspiring place where every form of birth is celebrated and supported.      McKenna Woolley is a first time mother who shares her fearless home birth with us.  At…

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Radiation: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Radiation: What Every Woman Needs to Know

If you were pregnant, would you consider stripping lead-based paint without a respirator, breathing chloroform, or working in a garage full of engine exhaust? Of course not. It’s widely known that these substances can cause cancer and other health problems, and could potentially harm your growing baby. But every day, millions of pregnant women –…

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How to Navigate Holistic Parenting

The No-Judgment Zone for Parents: How to Navigate Holistic Parenting

  The journey to motherhood begins with a thousand choices. Once you become a parent, it seems that every topic – from what to eat to how to discipline your little one – is open season. And, if you decide to venture down a less traditional, holistic path and seek out natural, integrative therapies or…

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roasted tomato soup

Roasted Tomato Soup and Rustic Garlic Bread

Soup is a wonderful expression of love. Each one is hand crafted with the intention of serving up a little home-spun goodness.  It’s a beautiful warming and nurturing expression of how much someone cares for their clan. After a woman gives birth, her body is in desperate need for some restorative foods to replenish all…

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placenta encapsulation

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

By Claire Rembis “Eating your own placenta?!  I’m pretty open-minded, but why on earth would anyone want to do that? ” Placentophagy, defined by Wikipedia as, “the act of mammals eating the placenta of their young after childbirth,” is not a new phenomenon. With the exception of the sea lion, whale and camels, all mammals…

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