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Dolphin Organics founder Ayo Hart talks to Green Child Magazine

Eco Spotlight On: Dolphin Organics

Dolphin Organics has quickly become a bath-time favorite for families who care about non-toxic baby care products. Recently, Dolphin Organics launched a new line for tweens, DO Naturals and so seems positioned to emerge a brand for the entire family. We … Continue reading

Tansy Dolls

Eco Spotlight On: Tansy Handmade Dolls

Play to Your Heart’s Delight Play is an essential part of a child’s healthy development. Through playing, children mimic the world around them.  By simply playing with a doll, they build the skills to grow into a nurturing, responsive person … Continue reading

Africa Children's Choir

Give Up a Gift for Africa

Editor’s note: While there seems to be no shortage of “stuff” to buy during the holidays, we’ve been delighted by how many brilliant ways there are to Give Back.   When mom and activist, Shelley Lawrence, shared how she got … Continue reading

integrity botanicals

Eco Spotlight On: Integrity Botanicals

“Integrity” is a word Terri and Marc Hall take seriously. Brand new parents to little Jackson (born last week!), they know “less is more” when it comes to baby products… and how important it is to choose pure options when … Continue reading

Earth Paints for Kids

Eco Spotlight On: Earth Paints

When was the last time you let your creativity run wild? For many busy parents, art has become something we hang on the fridge when it comes home from school, or glance at while our children entertain themselves as we … Continue reading

eco mom alliance logo

The More You Know Eco: EcoMom Alliance

EcoMom® Alliance is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization nurturing, connecting, and empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world.  With programs reaching more than a million families each year, this organization impacts and inspires communities just like yours. Founder, Kimberly Pinkson … Continue reading

green eileen Silk Georgeorgette dress in Sapphire-1

Eco Spotlight On: Green Eileen

by Karen Lee EILEEN FISHER makes timeless fashion statement that symbolizes simplicity and sustainability through, not only in her designs, but also thorough company’s actions. And their recent Grand Opening of GREEN EILEEN store demonstrates the company’s philosophy of prolonging … Continue reading

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