Inner Rhythm copy

Encourage Mindfulness with Inner Rhythm

During the holidays, we all hope to give our children a gift that means a little more. The latest fad toy won’t cut it; instead, we strive to purchase an item that will educate, inspire, and, of course, entertain kids. But, is there truly one meaningful holiday gift for any child that hits all of…

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Big Kid Bed

Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

As parents, we all know the importance of sleep. No matter the age of your child, you realize that their entire day can be thrown off because of a rough night’s sleep, lack of a nap, or generally just trying to find the happy balance of enough sleep (for every family member) with an infant….

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Copy of EH

Eco Spotlight: NRG Home Solar’s Earth Hour 2015 Giveaway

What’s an hour worth to you? An hour is enough time to do a whirlwind clean-up before company arrives. An hour is a great yoga class. An hour is a catch-up phone call with your best friend. An hour is a way to show your devotion to the reduction in wasteful energy use. Wait, what?…

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Eco Spotlight: TruSweets Organic Candies

With Easter coming up, we can easily envision the day’s festivities: giggles of joy while small feet run around hunting for colored eggs, gathering with family, perhaps partaking in a day of worship or spring-related celebration, and, of course, breaking into baskets of goodies. There’s nothing sweeter for many kids than finding their Easter baskets…

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Eco Spotlight: SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight

Nighttime can be a scary time for little ones. Whether it’s creepy creaking noises, shifting shadows, or nondescript monsters, they all have one variable in common. Each of these things is made unbearable by darkness. Using a nightlight seems like the logical solution, right? But, they’re not ideal. Traditional nightlights are rife with issues. They…

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Eco Spotlight On: Karmanos Center for Natural Birth

Aside from, possibly, a home birth, imagine the perfect environment to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world. The staff would fully support your wishes for a natural birth. There would be several options to ease contractions naturally. Serene walks would be encouraged, and done so in a peaceful, natural environment. The environment…

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All Natural Cold

Eco Spotlight On: Maty’s Healthy Products

When the temperatures turn to freezing, there’s a noticeable increase in our little ones’ sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. It’s a time of year that we all dread for that reason. What’s worse than seeing a once fun, energetic child turn into a poor little sluggish, cranky mess? It’s enough to break a parent’s heart. A…

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Eco Spotlight On: Avishi Organics

During pregnancy, our bodies perform some amazing tricks. An increased sensitivity to gross smells, jumping from complete nausea to intense cravings in the same moment, and, of course, the ability to expand and create the room needed to safely grow a little one. This last little mind-blowing feat also conjures up thoughts of the inevitable…

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beautiful earth products

Eco Spotlight On: Beautiful Earth

Imagine a company as dedicated as you are to providing everything you want in your baby’s personal care products (while leaving out all the stuff you hate). An award-winning company that vows to use the most natural of ingredients and maintain the highest ethical and environmental standards. That sounds like a brand that we could…

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Eco Spotlight On: Taslie Skin Care

When we’re searching for safe products for our little ones, it’s easy to find a list of what to avoid.  Children’s developing organs are vulnerable to chemical exposure, and what goes on their skin is just as important as what goes into their mouths.  But our readers tell us, as busy green moms, they don’t…

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Dolphin Organics founder Ayo Hart talks to Green Child Magazine

Eco Spotlight On: Dolphin Organics

Dolphin Organics has quickly become a bath-time favorite for families who care about non-toxic baby care products. Recently, Dolphin Organics launched a new line for tweens, DO Naturals and so seems positioned to emerge a brand for the entire family. We sat down with founder, Ayo Hart, to learn more about her company, her products and…

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Tansy Dolls

Eco Spotlight On: Tansy Handmade Dolls

Play to Your Heart’s Delight Play is an essential part of a child’s healthy development. Through playing, children mimic the world around them.  By simply playing with a doll, they build the skills to grow into a nurturing, responsive person who interacts comfortably with those around them. Dolls are also a way to introduce the…

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Africa Children's Choir

Give Up a Gift for Africa

Editor’s note: While there seems to be no shortage of “stuff” to buy during the holidays, we’ve been delighted by how many brilliant ways there are to Give Back.   When mom and activist, Shelley Lawrence, shared how she got involved with the African Children’s Choir, we knew it was a worthwhile cause to support….

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EcoCentric Mom Discovery boxes

Eco Spotlight On: EcoCentric Mom Discovery Boxes

Remember that drawer filled with lipsticks that weren’t quite your color?  You know, the one with the lotions and potions… and that bottle of liquid eyeliner you never mastered the skill of applying? If you’re like many new moms, that drawer is now replaced by an even bigger stash of baby products. Shampoos that never…

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Earth Paints for Kids

Eco Spotlight On: Earth Paints

When was the last time you let your creativity run wild? For many busy parents, art has become something we hang on the fridge when it comes home from school, or glance at while our children entertain themselves as we make dinner. But the more we learn about how the brain works, the more you…

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eco mom alliance logo

The More You Know Eco: EcoMom Alliance

EcoMom® Alliance is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization nurturing, connecting, and empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world.  With programs reaching more than a million families each year, this organization impacts and inspires communities just like yours. Founder, Kimberly Pinkson speaks to Green Child Magazine about the deeper meaning of being an “Eco Mom.” GCM:…

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green eileen Silk Georgeorgette dress in Sapphire-1

Eco Spotlight On: Green Eileen

by Karen Lee EILEEN FISHER makes timeless fashion statement that symbolizes simplicity and sustainability through, not only in her designs, but also thorough company’s actions. And their recent Grand Opening of GREEN EILEEN store demonstrates the company’s philosophy of prolonging the lifecycle of a garment. According to Cheryl Campbell, Managing Director of The Eileen Fisher…

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Cloth Birthday Banner from Green Planet Parties

Eco Spotlight On: Green Planet Parties

When it comes to birthdays and holidays, sometimes even the greenest parents end up making less than eco-friendly choices. Think of the last child’s party you attended.  The decorations, plastic, paper plates, and heavy duty toy packaging… did it fill a couple of garbage bags?  And since most wrapping paper is not recyclable, even if you…

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Dress Me Up Organic Cloth ball large

Eco Spotlight On: Dress Me Up Organic

We get so many questions about the safety of plastic toys.  Readers ask things like, “This says it’s free of BPA and phthalates, but what is it actually made of?” Our advice is this… if you have to have a PhD in chemistry to figure out what’s in a toy, chances are your child shouldn’t…

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