Eco Spotlight On: EcoCentric Mom Discovery Boxes

Remember that drawer filled with lipsticks that weren’t quite your color?  You know, the one with the lotions and potions… and that bottle of liquid eyeliner you never mastered the skill of applying?

If you’re like many new moms, that drawer is now replaced by an even bigger stash of baby products.

Shampoos that never cured cradle cap…

Diaper cream that made baby’s rash worse…

And of course, big bottles of conventional baby lotions from well-meaning relatives who came to your baby shower.

What can you do with half-used or unused products?  You don’t want to waste them.  But you don’t want someone else’s baby being a test subject either.

The trial and error process can be frustrating, wasteful, and most of all – expensive.

Rebecca Attanasio has been there.  As a green mom wanting the best for her family, Rebecca shares, “I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours over the years searching for the best healthy brands for my family.”

That’s what inspired her to create Ecocentric Mom – a monthly sampling of hand-selected safe, ethical, and eco-friendly products. “Ecocentric Mom gives other moms a way to discover these products at a fraction of the cost.”

EcoCentric Mom Discovery boxes

“What we put on our skin and our children’s skin is just as important as what we eat. No matter how chemicals enter our bloodstream, they build up in our bodies over the years, wreaking havoc on our immune systems and contributing to life-threatening illness.”

Ecocentric Mom subscribers choose one of three monthly delivery options:

The Mom Discovery Box

For any stage of motherhood, this box introduces women to skin care, makeup, organic foods, and more.

The Mom-to-Be Discovery Box

With products safe for mother and baby alike, this box includes whole-food prenatal vitamins, non-GMO snacks, pampering spa products, and more.

The Baby Discovery Box

For newborns to 18-month-olds, subscribers of this box receive  non-toxic, BPA-free toys, safe diapers, and organic cotton clothes.

Each delivery offers something new.  And you’ll only find truly natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products. The packages are $17 a month.  And shipping is free.

More than just products, Ecocentric Mom’s team of experts provides education to subscribers. Each month, green entrepreneur Diane MacEachern, Safemama founder Katherine Scoleri, and nutritionist Alysa Bajenaru share tips on health, fitness, good food, and green living.

“If anyone can make a difference, moms can,” Rebecca says. “We have buying power and role-model power alike.”

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