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“Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness” by Little Fox Giveaway

Little Fox Monthly Gifts Awesomeness Giveaway

When a company promises “monthly gifts of awesomeness,” you can’t help to have high hopes. With this package of goodies from Little Fox, feel free to let your expectations soar.

The December 2012 pack (of awesomeness) was an eco-consciously packaged cluster of items including a Little Green Pouch reusable food pouch, Coyuchi organic cotton aviator hat, Tegu Pouch Prism set of wooden magnetic blocks, Sweet Knee Hulababy Bar soap, and a Little Fox limited edition t-shirt.

Highlights included the Little Green Pouch and Tegu blocks. The pouch hit the target for those making their own baby food with its super-strength durability, ease of filling thanks to a top zipper, and freezer safety. Oh, and of course it’s BPA- and phthalate-free. Its lack of leaks was impressive.

While Tegu calls these well-constructed, non-toxic painted blocks “age 0+” it was clear that they are more appropriate for a 6-12 month-old (or older). However, this doesn’t diminish their awesomeness. Children can have fun with them while growing into their more-mature concepts (problem-solving, building, magnetism, geometry) in time.

The clothes were both hip and adorable. Who doesn’t love a baby in an aviator hat, and an organic cotton, cream-and-gray one at that? The 18-month t-shirt matched the hat and was stylishly adorned with Little Fox’s cute mascot; what else, a fox!

The Sweet Knee Hulababy bar of soap (which touts itself as eczema-friendly), is certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Its smell was natural without reeking of patchouli and rinsed incredibly clean. Its ease of use even beat out the liquid soap that has been around since this reviewer’s baby’s first bath time. That means a lot coming from an emotional first-time mom!

Little Fox Giveaway

Little Fox Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness Giveaway


Now it’s your chance to win a Gifts of Awesomeness package provided by Little Fox.  Fill out the form below and keep your sneaky fox eyes here for the winner announcement.

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3 Responses to “Monthly Gifts of Awesomeness” by Little Fox Giveaway

  1. Ann says:

    What a great box! Haven’t heard of this box yet. Looks awesome! Totally digging the fox shirt! And those Tegu blocks are uber neat looking.

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