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Newspaper Gift Wrapping 2.0

Heather Valentine of The Sewing Loft shares her simple tutorial on how to make newspaper gift wrapping look stylish… not shoddy.

Newspaper Gift Wrapping 2.0


  • yesterday’s news paper
  • ribbon
  • fabric scraps
* Note for this project, I used a glue gun but you can use tape.
Basic Instructions:
  1. Wrap gift in newspaper or paper bag.  Many of my packages were odd sizes and shaped so, creative wrapping was a must!
  2. Using your scraps of fabric and glue gun, attached to package.
  3. To create flowers, I cut circles from the news paper. Then, I cute in a spiral pattern; leaving a round circle as the base.
  4. Starting at the long end of spiral, wrap the strip around a pencil and hot glued in place. Click here for step by step directions from Dozi Designs.
These flowers were super easy to make and really look good. They can be made out of anything really. Think of all those colored fliers the kids bring home from school. They would add a nice punch of color to any plain package. Here is even a quick picture of a paper bag dressed up with some bakers twine and a flower. Really pretty right!
Newspaper Gift Wrapping 2.0
Happy Crafting!


Heather Valentine is the inspiration behind The Sewing Loft.  The mission of all products is focused around the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reclaim, Recraft.   For more crafting fun visit

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