Pong Cell Phone Case Giveaway

Pong Cell Phone Case Giveaway

Our Winter issue features an in-depth look at the effects of radiation on pregnant women, babies… well, pretty much all of us.  And to help increase awareness on this important issue, we reached out to some of the smartest green brands who are not only leading the way in research, they’re also creating products that protect us from the devices we can’t live without.

The first of these is Pong Research.  This company is breaking down the information into bite-sized pieces.

You’ve probably heard there are some risks associated with wireless devices.  But everyone around you continues to use them – held next to their brain, propped up on their belly, or carried around in their pocket.  Maybe we’re all thinking if we ignore the dangers, they’ll go away.  Or maybe we just don’t understand it enough to make a clear decision.

The Science section of Pong’s website contains some of the most clear and easy to understand information on the risks of wireless device radiation.  It’s broken down into five critical categories:

  • Mobile Use
  • Mobile Radiation
  • Radiation Absorption
  • Reducing Exposure
  • Protecting People

When it comes to Protecting People, that’s where Pong walks their talk.  They create cases for all types of phones, tablets, and devices that reduce radiation exposure. Pong cases have been tested in FCC-certified labs and are shown to reduce radiation exposure by up to 95 percent below the FCC limit.  These cases are patented and developed by scientists out of MIT, Princeton, Harvard and UCLA.

Pong Case Giveaway

So here’s your chance to win one of these sleek, great-looking cases for your smart phone. You choose the case that fits your smart phone.  Fill out the Rafflecopter form below.
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  1. Melissa says

    No, haven’t used special precaution. But we only have cell phones and I never knew there was a case to protect from this kind of thing.

  2. Moira Webb says

    I have just acquired an Iphone and this is a great idea, I want to get one for my grand daughter who has her ‘phone attached to her ear!!!!

  3. Amanda Rushing says

    I am currently pregnant so no protection needed yet, but I am protecting my abdomen with a radiation blanket when I’m on my laptop.

  4. Brianne says

    This seems like a great product! No kids currently, but would be great to have once my bundle gets here in August!

  5. Chely frantzen says

    This case is a great Idea. I try not to have the phone to close to my body (like in the pockets of clothes)

  6. Adriana says

    I had one of these awesome Pong cases for my last phone! It felt great knowing that the phone was safer. I sometimes put the phones on airplane mode now when the kids play on them, or when I sleep.

  7. says

    I don’t really let my son talk on my cell phone. We are military, so we frequently flip through family photos on it or Facetime with friends and family. If he used the phone to talk, it’s our landline. However, I didn’t choose this as a means of preventing exposure, but as a way to save money on wireless plan. I’m glad that my trying to save money has paid off ten fold in limiting his exposure to the cell phone. That said, having a Pong case would be even more reassuring, even for us adults.

  8. Britni Bradford says

    Yes, we take precautions. Mainly, we don’t treat the phone like a toy. My daughter doesn’t play on it, and we keep it away when not in use.

  9. Michelle says

    I don’t let my kids use my cell phone for too long, but other than that I don’t take any current precautions. I need to start thinking about that though!

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