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Tazzini Stainless Steel Water Bottle Giveaway

Tazzini Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The purpose of buying a reusable water bottle is to limit the number of throwaway bottles we use.  So why is it that when many families open their cabinet, you’ll find a collection of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass bottles?

Between the eclectic mix of bottles and the sippy cups and smoothie containers… sometimes it’s tough to get that cabinet door closed.

In our family, we don’t use the logo plastic bottles that occasionally come from participating in sports or school events.  But I never know whether to recycle them, or pass them along to Goodwill.  If it keeps someone from throwing away single-use bottles… I guess that’s good for the environment.  But it feels wrong that I won’t let my child won’t drink BPA or phthalates, but someone else’s will if they end up with this bottle.

I think the best solution to keeping water bottles from adding to your “green clutter” is to use real glasses and dishes when you’re at home,  and just keep a couple of reusable options on hand for when your family is on the go.

One of the reasons we love our Tazzini bottle is that the cap and spout truly are leak-proof.

It’s comfortable to drink from.  The sport type spout has proven to be the most spill-proof option for our boys. The attached cap is handy for keeping the spout clean, and thanks to smart design, the cap doesn’t fall back down on your nose or face while you’re drinking. In fact, the cap doesn’t flop around at all, it stays right in the position you leave it.

Another bonus is that Tazzini is a company that Gives Back.

Creator Kristy Nardini has some of our favorite environmental and children’s organizations close to her heart. Kristy says, “Our young son has an immune system deficiency caused by exposure to toxins in the enviroment. We support organizations that seek to find remedies to both prevent toxin-induced illnesses and help those who have been affected by them. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to such causes, as well as donate our time.”

Healthy Child Healthy World

Take Back the Tap by Food & Water Watch

Foundation for Women


Giveaway Details

One lucky winner will receive a 24 oz. Earth Map design stainless steel bottle from Tazzini.  To find other water bottle styles or to learn more about Kristy’s story, visit Tazzini online.

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