Tristin and Tyler Make Veggie Burgers!

Looking for inspiration for your children?  Check out, Tristin and Tyler, twin brothers who love to find ways to save the earth in their series Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City!

Tristin and Tyler take an adventure through the city in each short-form episode. Whether they are checking out cool “green” products or learning how the subway works, each episode teaches kids something about the big city around us or is just fun “edu-tainment.”

Then, just to make sure you’re paying attention, Tristin and Tyler quiz you on key parts of each episode!

The best part about the show is that your child can experience the same fun you see in each episode! So follow Tristin and Tyler and then do the same things with your child!


Tristin and Tyler make saving the earth cool, fun and fashionable, something we can get behind here at Green Child Magazine!



Get the kids and watch as Tristin and Tyler teach you how to make veggie burgers. Enjoy!


You and your kids can check out more of Tristin and Tyler videos and adventures at

Or follow Tristin and Tyler on Facebook!


















Nicki runs little island studios; all about family fun, cooking and designing with kids!


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