Under the Willow Natural Laundry Soap Giveaway

It’s a fun week here at Green Child. In addition to our Spring Issue coming out, we have a giveaway that — we dare say — makes household chores fun.

Of all the chemical-free laundry detergents we’ve tried, we haven’t been disappointed yet.  But while most of these soaps work just fine, there’s generally no scent whatsoever.  It makes sense.  Usually the conventional detergents contain heavy fragrances to make them smell like a spring meadow or like they were dried on the clothesline.  Really what you’re breathing and wearing is toxic chemicals… hardly the freshness of a real mountain breeze.

So when we recently tried Under the Willow laundry soap, I was expecting it to smell, as my oldest son says, “like nothing.”  When I opened the box, the smell of their brand new scent, Biscuits Milk & Honey was heavenly!

I actually met the owner, Carrie Garvin, online looking for non-toxic ways to wash cloth diapers.  Carrie and her husband have been making their own natural soaps for more than 30 years.  They founded Under the Willow in 1996, and in Carrie’s words, “today with all the hype about eco-friendly, Earth-friendly, natural, etc., we just smile because this has always been our recipe.”

They named the business Under the Willow after building a Victorian Farmhouse on some of Maryland’s beautiful rolling hills in the 80’s. When they decided to start a company, the name was easily decided –”Under the Willow.”  And the company motto soon became, “Our branches are growing natural gifts, for you, your home, and life.”

More than just the unique soaps they make, it’s the care, charm, and personality that really endears this brand to its buyers.  To get a feel for Carrie’s style, you’ll want to see her Pinterest boards. Or read how her customers brag about how their laundry keeps its fresh scent days after washing in Under the Willow laundry soap.

Giveaway Details

One lucky winner will receive an Over 50 Load package of Whispering Willow powder laundry soap in the scent of your choice (choose from Cambridge Rum, Lavender Grace, and new Biscuits, Milk & Honey).

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  1. Erin Pavlica says

    The Lavendar Grace sounds lovely to wash my 11-week-old’s diapers in! Quinn Mae already smells like milk and honey….the boobs have that one covered! Ha! Lavendar combined with line drying….mmmmm…delicious!

  2. teryn burnett says

    My family has used the eco sense brand in lavender. I love that its free of any harsh dyes, and it is also good for the environment, I love being able to teach my kids small things by doing our part of helping the environment, by using eco friendly products! I would love to try Cambridge Rum scent- but the lavender would be awesome too! :)

  3. Kristi Ferreira says

    I would love our family to try the Biscuits, Milk & Honey! Although we have changed to using more natural products and nontoxic toys, this would be our first time using a natural laundry soap.

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