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Upcycled Tshirt Scarf Tutorial

ScarfThis tutorial was inspired by this original post by Erin at Cut out & Keep.
This project takes 20 minutes, and all you need is an old tee and a pair of scissors!
No sewing!!
It’s super easy, fun, and dare I say it… fool proof!? Try it out, share it with your daughters, sisters, and friends.
For this tutorial, we used a men’s shirt size large, and made approx. 1.5 inch cuts. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.  Lets begin, shall we?

Upcycled Tshirt Scarf Tutorial

1. Hack up your tee. Start by cutting the hem off the bottom so that it creates a loop, I used this hem piece as well. Continue up to the arm pits cutting your 1.5 inch rings. When I was finished I had 12 rings total.
2. Wrap the rings around your hand. The amount of times you want to wrap it around depends on how you want the scarf to look. The less times you wrap it, the longer and thinner your scarf will be. The more times, the shorter and chunkier. I wrapped mine 4 times.
3. Carefully lay out your wrapped up rings, keeping them in a donut shape.
((at this point I decided I wanted more rings, giving me a longer scarf in the end- feel free to skip number 4 if your satisfied with your total amount of rings))
4. Hack off a sleeve at the seam. Now cut more 1.5 inch rings! I got 4 mini rings out of one sleeve. I was able to wrap each ring 1x. Using 2 mini rings sandwiched together to create 1 substitute ring- creating 2 additional donuts! (hmm more food!?)
5. Cut 2 inch strips from the other sleeve, use these to tie (double knot) the donuts together making, alas a donut train! (Oh and heres where you figure out why I call this the bacon wrap!)
6. Snip off excess ties and you’ve just upcycled your old tee into your very own yummy Donut Train!
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