Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Peaceful Sleep

In an ideal world, your bedroom is your relaxing haven. If reality looks like a cluttered space where you can’t settle in to sleep soundly, a Feng Shui bedroom makeover might be just what you need.

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: What To Do and What Not To Do


Lack of quality sleep has been related to everything from depression to inflammatory diseases. We know yoga is good for the mind, body, and spirit. As it turns out, Feng Shui is built on the fundamental belief that “home” is wherever you are, and that it is essential to nurture your indoor space so that it nurtures the spirit within.

We’ve already covered how to follow proper Feng Shui principles for your child’s room.

Now we’re talking to you! With the demands of modern life, you deserve a cozy, rejuvenating, and restful night’s sleep.

You can create a zen, peaceful night’s sleep with these practical and easy to implement Feng Shui bedroom design tips from Debra Duneier of Eco Chi.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Help You Sleep Better

No matter what type of home you have, your bedroom should be the most relaxing, peaceful area. It’s the space meant to help your body rest and rejuvenate. And your body can do that much more efficiently if it isn’t being overstimulated before and during sleep. Here’s how to incorporate Feng Shui to make your bedroom a restful oasis.

  • Less is always more in the bedroom. For decor, choose “yin” (calming) colors to ensure a peaceful sleep. Greens, blues and violets are restful to our eyes and our spirits.
  • Include only items that are relaxing or romantic.
  • No TV (but if you have no other place for it, make sure it is contained in an armoire or draped with a cloth at night).
  • Mirrors can disrupt sleep, so they should be covered with a curtain or cloth.
  • Be sure that the head of your bed is against a solid wall. This is called the “black turtle” in Feng Shui. It is the energy that supports and protects you. Position your bed so you can see the door to the bedroom but not be in line with the door
  • If the foot of the bed is facing a bathroom door, place a tall footboard or blanket chest between the bed and the bathroom door to help protect from the downward energy suck from the bathroom.
  • If possible, keep work-related items away from the bedroom. But if you must, separate the workspace with a curtain or screen divider. At night, turn off and cover the computer, close the laptop, and place work items out of sight.
  • If you need an alarm clock, red is the best color for the digital screen.
  • Clear the clutter. Keep furnishings minimal to allow chi to flow freely around the room.
  • Keep the space under your bed clear. Storage boxes and clutter can block energy and lead to stagnation in life.
  • A potted plant (also helps to purify the air) or a piece of art that expresses the beauty of nature can be a nice addition to your bedroom. Also, plants in the corners can help keep the energy from stagnating.
  • Use black-out shades in your bedroom to prevent light pollution from seeping in. This will keep you in tune with your natural day-night cycle, helping to maintain balance and wellbeing.
  • Remove photographs from your bedroom and relocate them to the social rooms of your home. The bedroom is a sacred sanctuary for you, your spirit, and your dreams.
  • Electromagnetic fields which are emitted from electronic equipment can cause restlessness. So pull the plug on your electronics for Zen Zzz’s. Consider adding a Himalayan salt lamp to release negative ions into the air you breathe all night.

How to use crystals to enhance bedroom energy

Enhance the Energy of the Bedroom with Crystals

Crystals magnify the energy of a space. We’ve learned so much about crystals from Heather Askinosie at Energy Muse, and these are some of her tips for enhancing your bedroom with crystals.

If you’re going to bring one crystal ally into the bedroom, make it Selenite. It’s not always physical clutter that’s disrupting your sleep; sometimes it’s emotional clutter. You can use selenite to clear unwanted or overactive emotions, thoughts, and mindsets away before bed. Place a selenite crystal on the nightstand, and before you go to bed, place it over your chest and allow yourself to feel its soothing, light energy sink into your body and spirit.

Celestite brings a high-vibrational uplifting energy to your bedroom. Beautiful and serene, celestite is perfect to place in a baby or child’s room to fill the space with soothing, calming energies to encourage restful, peaceful sleep.

Use the energy of an Amethyst sphere to break free of the stress bubble, and create a shield of calming vibes instead. These spheres emit an equal amount of energy in every direction and the effect creates a more full, gentle energy. Pair your Amethyst sphere with a Rose Quartz stone in your bedroom – they make the ultimate crystal couple!

For more ideas on making the most of your bedroom, here’s how to turn it into an emotional escape room.

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