Join the #SwitchToSustainable Challenge + Giveaway for Plastic Free July!

If you are transitioning to a lower waste home (or wanting to learn how), the #SwitchToSustainable Challenge is exactly what you need this summer.

We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Balm Baby and Elevated Body Care on the 8th year of their Plastic Free July challenge. You will love the solid information, encouragement, and the chance to win some amazing prizes to help you reduce your plastic and disposable waste.

#SwitchToSustainable Challenge Event

Mark your calendar for the #SwitchToSustainable Challenge Facebook Event on August 4.

Our giveaway goal is to get thousands of people ditching single-use items, but all it takes to enter the challenge is to simply make just one sustainable swap during the month of July. Let us know what that is in the comments and fill out the giveaway form to enter.

For an extra entry, post a photo of your sustainable switch to Instagram or Facebook with #SwitchtoSustainable.

You can also follow along in the #SwitchToSustainable group for loads of updates on going green, sustainable swaps, and transitioning to a lower waste home.

#SwitchToSustainable Sponsors & Prize Packages

When you enter, you get a chance to win a special prize pack we’ve put together from these outstanding sustainable brands.

If you need some inspiration when it comes to making your home a little greener, here are the 15 most impactful going green tips to help you reduce the amount of plastic you consume. By implementing these tips long term, you’ll save money and be a pro at the #SwitchtoSustainable Challenge by next year.

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We’re delighted to host the event again this year. If this is your first time observing Plastic Free July, you’ll be happy to know you’re in very good hands. Malena Taylor and her husband Dominic have been hosting this event for 8 years now. They began creating natural and pure whole body care products in sustainable packaging began 11 years ago, in the Bay Area of California. If you get the chance to connect with Malena, please do so. She’s truly one of the most kind, caring, compassionate humans on the planet. 

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  1. I will no longer buy cellulose kitchen sponges or body puffs. Instead I’ve grown my own organic loofah sponges and will use them for all kitchen and bath needs. They work so well!

  2. Amy Carson says:

    I’m determined that my current roll of plastic wrap will be my last… I’m buying more reusable containers and wax container covers…

  3. Laura Kranz says:

    Going to switch from using plastic straws… its long overdue!

  4. I switched to using a menstrual cup instead of disposable products.

  5. We’ve just bought our first bamboo dish washing brush and 2 replacement heads!

  6. Cutting out plastic baggies. Using containers instead. I, sadly, have a baggie addiction….

  7. We do almost 2/3rds of the 15 most common ways to reduce! Menstrual products was my go to for this July! Going green with the diva!

  8. Dominica Hagelberg says:

    We pack all of our picnics in stasher bags instead of ziploc baggies.

  9. Julia Bland says:

    Just switched to my first bamboo toothbrush!

  10. We will be cloth diapering soon. Using the same diapers that my two oldest used.

  11. Switched to cloth diapers for my 4 month old son, trying to potty train my 2 year old daughter using reusable trainers. Also switched to steel straws rather than single use.

  12. We cloth diaper and use cloth wipes MOST of the time. Committing now to use them full time! Also loving the above ideas for bringing reusable straws in the car and to restaurants!

  13. I’ve recently started carrying our silicone straws we use at home with us when we go out. We already keep reusable shopping bags always in the car for even quick stops. At home we have switched to cloth as a replacement for paper towels.

  14. Ashley cornell says:


    Starting cloth diapering soon. Slowly have been building my stash for when babe arrives

  15. Jennifer Taylor says:

    This month we have been building a chicken coop (for our chicks we got) out of 90% reused material, we our going to build a compost bin next. We made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes and have switched to more natural cleaner and hygiene products!! My favorite switch is to natural deodorant!!!

  16. This month I have committed to stop using single use straws. We got some reusable ones to keep in the car and at home so when I get something on the go I will always have a straw!

  17. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I want to stainless steel straws!

  18. Dawn Jozwiak says:

    I will immediately put my reusable bags back in the car so I don’t forget them when I go to the store.

  19. use resuable bags, straws, containers, etc. made from fabric, metal and glass

  20. Shannon Connolly says:

    We always used straws in restaurants simply because they were provided. We never use them at home. So, we’ve given it up. I do have a supply of steel straws I carry with me in case someone really wants one while we’re out. We also gently suggest to the wait staff to ask before providing straws.

  21. Heather Calkins says:

    Bringing my own reusable bags