30 Merry-Making Things To Do On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day With Kids

It’s the time of year when we get to spend time with family and create memories.

Make it a point to focus on fun this year and get everyone involved in making new traditions with these merry and festive things to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Bake cookies for a classic Christmas Eve tradition that never gets old. With big kids, you can let everyone pick out their own recipe and have a cookie swap party or bake off. With little ones, you can keep it simple with a basic sugar cookie.

Act out “A Night Before Christmas”.

Reading this holiday classic as a family is one of the Christmas Eve activities that you may have enjoyed yourself as a child. Embrace the tradition, but make it your own by play acting out the parts as a family.

Find toys to donate.

Reaffirm that this is the season for giving and not just getting by asking your child to choose three toys that they want to donate to a child in need, and you can make some room for the new toys they’ll be getting soon enough.

Make a photo booth.

‘Tis the season for picture taking. Make a backdrop using leftover wrapping paper or seasonal blankets and craft a few fun festive props to use in the “booth”.

Go on a holiday light tour.

Weather permitting, get everyone outside for some fresh air and take in the sights by looking at your neighbors’ house decorations.

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