A 6-Week Postpartum Daily Guide for New Moms

Most expectant moms have a birth plan, but the birth rarely goes according to said plan. In fact, some health care professionals and women advocates are recommending that new moms forgo the idea of birth plans altogether.

Still, while there is so much emphasis put on a strategy for having a baby, there’s not much of a roadmap for the days post birth. Sure, you may know to “sleep when the baby sleeps” or “drink plenty of water” but there’s not a lot of guidance around how to proceed from hour-to-hour or day-to-day.

Further, most women won’t see their doctor for the first 6 weeks after they give birth. And while The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is looking to redefine the traditional 6 week waiting period, many women will be on their own while they navigate this new and intimidating period of motherhood.

In an effort to lend new moms a little emotional support, we’ve created a postpartum care plan to help guide you through the early days of parenthood.


Feel free to mix around the daily goals, repeat your favorites or skip any that don’t speak to you. The whole plan is created to make your days a little lighter—so follow it as long as it brings you joy.

1 Week Postpartum: Take it easy.

Day 1-3: Do nothing outside of care for your body and your baby—in other words just lay-in with your baby.

2 Weeks Postpartum: Look for connections to the outside world.

Day 1: Find a binge-able show—it can even be something you have already watched, so if you happen to catch a nap while your baby is snoozing, you won’t miss a beat.

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