A Names That Are Cool, Classic, and Totally Unique

Choosing the perfect name for your baby-to-be is such a fun part of the parenthood journey. You may want the name to be fitting of their personality, your hopes and dreams for the them, or serve as a reminder of a person or place you love.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, we’re sure your child’s name will be meaningful and beautiful. And what better place to start for name inspiration than at the top of the alphabet?

Take a look at our list of A names and choose from cool, classic or unique monikers that start with the letter A.

Cool Names That Start With the Letter A


Cool as can be, the name Ace means “one” or “unity” and is of Latin origin. It is also a commonly used nickname.


A notably cool name thanks to the songstress powerhouse we all know and love, Adele comes from Old German and means”noble kind”.


A Hebrew name that means “attractive”, “handsome” and”pleasure given”, Aden is a simply cool name perfect for a little boy or girl.

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