Creative Kid-Friendly Garden Projects to Try this Season

Are you looking for creative ways to get your kids outside the house and off those devices? \ some.

Your kids will learn about science, nature, and even some math when tending to their plants.

Kids who play outside regularly have stronger immune systems and well-developed motor skills.

Gardening positively affects your child’s brain, body, and soul, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few fun kid-friendly garden projects to try this season.

Subscribe to a Garden Box

Maybe it’s not quite warm enough in your area to get out in the garden? Or maybe you’re strapped for ideas? Subscribing to a garden box is a great way to get your kids developing their green thumb!

Paint Your Own Garden Markers

If it’s still too cold outside, you can get excited for the coming season by preparing ahead of time. Start planning which vegetables and produce your family wishes to grow and then have a paint day with the kids!

Craft a Bug Hotel

What kid doesn’t love bugs? When spring begins, take your kids outside for a bug-finding adventure. Scour the yard and garden for insects and track your findings.

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