Delicious Vegan Chickpea Tikka Masala 

This vegan Chickpea Tikka Masala recipe uses nutritious chickpeas in lieu of chicken. Serve with jasmine rice for a hearty meal.

If you love chicken tikka masala, this recipe matches all the flavor without the meat, so it’s perfect for Meatless Monday or a vegetarian family.


- Chickpeas - Tomatoes - Coconut Milk - Onion - Garlic - Ginger - Garam Masala - Cilantro - Lemon Juice

Whether your family prefers Tikka Masala mild, or more spicy, you’re sure to love this recipe. Let us know how spicy you make it!

Chickpea Tikka Masala

In large dutch oven, heat oil over med-high heat.

 Add diced onion and cook for 3 minutes, until translucent.

Add the garlic and ginger and saute for another 2 minutes, until fragrant.

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