DIY Baby Wipes with Gentle Solution: Cloth or Disposable

Dozens of parents told us this guide to DIY baby wipes was a life-saver during supply chain shortages.

Whether you’re making your own baby wipes because you can’t find them in stores or because you want to avoid chemicals, here are DIY options for both disposable and cloth wipes.

Why Make Your Own Baby Wipes?

– some babies have sensitive skin and most baby wipes cause irritation for them – parents want to be eco-friendly and avoid disposables

Parents want to avoid dangerous ingredients like propylene glycol, potassium tocopheryl acetate, laureth phosphate, and malic acid

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

If you’d prefer to use cloth wipes, you need only look around you to find the materials to get started. Organic cotton baby wash cloths, receiving blankets, old jersey knit sheets, old t-shirts, or any soft absorbent cloth you have on hand.

How To Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

1. Run the material through the wash on a hot cycle to make sure the cloth is clean and pre-shrunk.