DIY Creative, Eco-Friendly, & Sustainable Valentine’s Day Cards

Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, if you have a significant other or a child in school, there’s a strong chance you’ll be choosing some sort of greeting card.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for DIY sustainable Valentine’s Day cards so you can keep the holiday green.

DIY SUSTAINABLE VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS Handmade Valentines are truly the best, and there are so many great options to choose from.

 Go old school with construction paper or any colorful paper (think school papers or flyers) you already have on hand.

 Use packing paper from a move or some of that red or white tissue paper you received during the holidays.

 Old wall calendars often have beautiful images (and nice heavy stock) for cards.

You might also try a guided meditation that allows your child to focus on how much they are loved.

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