Do You Want Happier, Calmer Kids? Simplify Their World. 

If the schedules and screens are making you feel like you’re losing track of or losing touch with your child, it’s time to simplify.

The benefits of simplifying your child’s world are many. And it can make your life more fulfilling, too. Children flourish when they have the time and space to explore their world without the constraints of “too much.”

THE PROBLEM WITH “TOO MUCH” “Too much” is overwhelming and stressful, whether it’s too much stuff, too much information, too many activities, too many choices, or too much speed – always hurrying from one task to the next… with never a moment to relax or play.

CLEAR AWAY THE CLUTTER When clearing out or rotating toys, focus on keeping a mix of toys that your kids consistently enjoy and that keep them entertained for long periods of time.


Along the same lines, simplifying your family’s schedule can reduce the frantic feeling of always being on the go. Kids with a full plate of school work, extracurricular activities or sports each day may feel stressed and chaotic since they’re lacking the free time children need for creative play and exploration.

But what if they’re bored? Boredom is a good thing! It’s the great instigator and motivator of creativity. Payne says the frustration of having “nothing to do” is usually the start of something wonderful.

SIMPLIFYING WITH KIDS By simplifying, we can concentrate on what we really value, not just spend our days reacting to everything the world throws at us. Having fewer toys benefits a child’s imagination and sense of calm.

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