Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

There’s no shortage of eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas, and you might be surprised to learn that many of them are free.

Using a meditation script has profound effects on your child’s ability to deal with stressful situations and cope when they’re having a hard time.

No matter the gift or occasion, there’s always a way to wrap it while creating little or no waste.

It’s 1:30 on Saturday afternoon. You’re racing through the toy aisle at Target, praying to find a last-minute gift for the birthday party that starts in 30 minutes.

Up and down the aisles, you search for the perfect gift for your child’s little friend, as you wonder… Does she still like princesses? …. Or is she into fairies now? …. What are those chemicals I’m supposed to beware of in plastic toys?

Sheesh! Let’s just get a book so we don’t have to worry about it…

Your overactive brain is interrupted as your child declares she’s found the perfect gift. And at just $14.99 – it must be your lucky day!

Now for the mad dash to the gift bag aisle…

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