Fiery Aries Names for Baby Boys & Girls 

If you are expecting a baby between the dates of March 21st and April 19th, then you’ll most likely be having an Aries baby. Congratulations! Aries tend to become bold and ambitious individuals known for their innovation and courage.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries season signals the time for Spring — a time for renewal and rebirth. This fiery sign of the zodiac is spontaneous, fun loving and always up for a challenge. And with all of that fire burning on the inside, you’ll want a fierce moniker to match!


We love this gender neutral name choice for any Aries baby. Andie means courageous nature, brave and virility. All qualities of a true Aries. It can be used as a nickname for Andrea, or act as a full name just as it is.


April is a prime time for Aries’ birthdays, but it is also a month at the start of Spring. April is of Latin origin and means “to open”. The name can pay subtle homage to the Zodiac sign of The Ram and also has this fresh meaning of rebirth and renewal.


A nice pick for an Aries boy name, Conrad is of German origin and means, brave, bold ruler or counsel. Yes, those attributes do seem to check a few Aries’ boxes.


In Jewish scriptures, the seraphim are the highest-ranking angels of God and it means “burning ones” in Hebrew. Seraphina as an Aries name embodies the sign’s fire element and just makes for a super pretty name choice in its own right.


Vincent Van Gogh was an Aries. And while that might be enough of a connection, the name Vincent is derived from a Latin word meaning “to conquer”.

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