Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood

The phrase “mommy brain” had a chilling effect on my dreams of motherhood. The phrase is usually offered as a humorous apology or gesture of commiseration between moms in moments where she has dropped the ball or had a forgetful moment.

To hear women describe themselves and each other as lacking, as scatter-brained, as not quite making the mark seemed to me such a negative and dismissive way to dialogue about motherhood.

Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood Mindful living routines were often relegated to the “I really need to get back to that…” part of my mindset.

Mindfully Approaching the Non-Negotiables of Parenting Diaper changes, feedings, and witnessing this fascinating little human grow and change so quickly can make mindful living a natural daily reality throughout the years of parenthood.

Being in the Moment When a baby has a messy diaper, it needs to be changed. For our olfactory contentment and the baby’s comfort and health, changing a diaper cannot be added to a to-do list for another time of day that better fits your plans. When you are a changing a diaper, it is nearly impossible to not be in the moment.

Thinking About Source Feeding is another non-negotiable. Like any aspect of parenting, feeding time could be viewed as a source of stress.

Contemplating Time As my son ages and develops so quickly, I am deeply reflecting on his baby time and every stage he has already progressed through. I daydream about how this decision or stage will lead to the next.

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