Finding the Beauty and Strength in Doing Less 

I’ve been grinding for what feels like my entire life – or at least my entire career. At this point, I’ve been writing and working as an editor for a little over a decade. I’ve always carried multiple jobs, whether waitressing while interning or freelancing while holding down a full time position. Saying yes has become my default answer for almost anything work-related.

And if I’m being honest, I’m a yes woman in my personal life, too. Becoming a mom in 2019 might have changed that a little, but not very much. And in some cases it made me more prone to comply with requests of friends and family than ever before, especially after the peak of the pandemic.

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Overachieving Starts Early

’ve always overscheduled. Even as a kid I skipped my lunch period to take extra classes. I was booked with activities every day after school and took lessons on the weekends that required six AM wake ups and hour-long bus rides into New York City.

My Year of Doing Less

Taking on less freelance work and working less over the weekend

Caring less about missing my daughter’s dance and gymnastics classes some weeks because I’m tired

 Being less obsessed about sticking to a bedtime for my daughter

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