Gorgeously Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

You’ve selected the perfect eco-friendly gift, now it’s time to wrap it without creating a bunch of waste.

When it comes to eco-friendly gift wrapping, there are tons of options to create a look that’s anything from crafty to upscale.

This article can’t possibly hold all the fun ideas I’ve tried or been inspired by, but I’ve tried to include the highlights here.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Doesn’t Just Have to Be Newspaper

While it’s still an awesome option, not that many people still get the newspaper. But most of us have a pretty steady supply of paper coming into our homes.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Options & Inspiration

Fabric gift bags are the simplest solution I’ve found. Just drop the gift inside, pull the drawstring, and tie a bow. For a great DIY sustainable gift wrapping project, you can even make your own fabric gift bags.

Reusable Gift Bags Made from Recycled Content

The greenest option is always to use what you have. Use them up before considering buying new bags or wrapping paper.


Furoshiki is an age-old tradition in Japan. It’s the art of wrapping a gift in a beautiful fabric, scarf, or bandana which can be used again and again.

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