Guided Meditation for Kids: Benefits + Free Relaxation Scripts

Meditation is one of the best mindfulness tools you can equip your child with. It helps kids on a big-picture level when it comes to managing stress and anxiety.

Here we’ll cover the benefits of meditation, why guided meditation is a great starting point for kids, how to get started, and you can get 50+ free guided relaxation scripts to practice with your child.

What is Guided Meditation?

In guided meditation, rather than practicing in silence, one is led by another person’s voice. For instance, a parent can read a guided meditation script to their child before bedtime. Being guided can help the meditator focus, prevent their mind from wandering and offer them an entirely new experience.

The benefits of meditation are numerous – both at home and in the classroom. -improve a child’s positive thinking, happiness, and empathy -improve self esteem -help children fall asleep faster, and improve sleep quality -help kids focus and concentrate

Get Started with Your Child When can kids start meditating? Our own experience has shown that even toddlers can follow along a relaxing story or at least snuggle up and fall asleep to the sound of mom or dad reading a guided imagery script.

More formal studies show the magic age to be around four years old. You know your child better than anyone. You can always try and if they aren’t receptive, let it go for now and try again in a few months....

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