Helpful Eco-Friendly Organic Baby Carriers 2023 Gear Guide

Babywearing is an age-old tradition that keeps your hands free to get things done while your baby stays safe, comforted, and close. In this section of our 2023 gear guide, we’re covering the best organic baby carriers.

Babywearing is one of the foundations of Attachment Parenting. When baby is physically near you, you’re better able to read their cues, which enhances the bonding experience. 

Babywearing offers your child the security they crave, and it allows for simple on-demand breastfeeding (another tenet of Attachment Parenting).


We recommend using an organic baby carrier because our babies spent a lot of time in them! It gives you peace of mind to not worry about them touching and breathing near a fabric with pesticides or potentially harmful dyes.

DidyKlick Organic Semi-Structured Carrier

This semi-structured carrier from Didymos takes the guesswork out of wearing your baby. It’s a hybrid of a comfy wrap sling and versatile buckle

Nuna CUDL Organic Baby Carrier

The CUDL carrier from Nuna is made from GOTS™ certified organic jersey. It features mesh fabric, padded shoulder straps and waist belt, and magnetic buckles make it super easy to use.

Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carriers

The Baby K’Tan carrier is another foolproof way to wear your baby. It gives the look of a wrap-style baby carrier without all the wrapping.

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