How to Create a Wildlife Garden

Research shows one of the most direct routes to caring for the environment as an adult is participating in wild nature activities before the age of 11.

Toddlers through teens can help create a wildlife garden for birds and butterflies in their own backyard that not only helps backyard wildlife but offers hours of entertainment and activity for the entire family.

How to create a wildlife habitat

Making a list will help them identify what plants to include and whether to locate the garden in sun or shade.

Designate a spot for the wildlife garden

Determine the best spot for your garden based on your selections and designate a small area to start planting.

Customize your wildlife garden

Encourage kids to put their personal touch on their wildlife habitat garden with hand decorated bird houses, stepping stones or other critter-friendly artwork for the garden.

Plant a birthday garden

Help your little gardener plan a birthday garden and planting party for someone special. Plan ahead to select appropriate plants for the space; mix native plants with kid-friendly varieties like marigolds or zinnias for full sun, or impatiens for partial shade.

Jump start your new wildlife garden

Help your child pick a few budding or blooming native plants that already contain nectar to quickly attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. This can jump start the garden before seed plantings begin to sprout.