How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Among the many challenges to modern parenting, navigating technology is a big and ever-changing one. Digital eye strain and near-sightedness have increased in Americans. Here’s how to help prevent digital eye strain in kids.

Using a meditation script has profound effects on your child’s ability to deal with stressful situations and cope when they’re having a hard time.

As our kids get older, life gets more complicated. Harder assignments. Bigger emotions. Scarier topics.

We do our best to provide a nurturing environment for them to vent and relax and just be themselves while hoping to maintain safe boundaries.

How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain 

Digital Eye Strain: Another Concern When it Comes to Technology

The first thing we often think about is online safety, as we should. Being aware of what our kids are clicking and watching, maintaining agreed rules for social media, and selecting a parental block setting is imperative to hope to stay abreast of the dangers screen time can bring.

Digital Eye Strain Effects Are Amplified in Children

Over the years, the so-called “blue light” (the thing that we recognize as a device being “backlit”) that causes your eye strain is being shown to damage retinal cells.

Parents are Concerned About Excessive Screen Time

Technology is officially the everyday norm for today’s children. However, most parents and children don’t realize how to use these devices safely to protect their health.