LOTR Rings of Power Baby Names

Middle-earth’s Second Age offers no shortage of unique names. These Rings of Power baby names are magical and memorable.

The magical Middle-Earth saga continues with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. And it’s great news for expecting parents, because a whole new world of baby names is on the rise!

This curated list of names comes from the Rings of Power time frame. They’re amazing names that could be the name for your own baby boy or baby girl! 

The mother name of Eärendil, the half-elven hero of Middle Earth, meaning “jewel of the world.” It could work as a baby name for any gender. It’s also appealing because it has a number of nickname possibilities like “Ardy,” “Arda,” or “Mírë.”



Tar-Míriel is daughter of the king of Numenor and heir to the throne. Míriel is a Quenya name said to translate to “jewel-daughter.” It’s already a perfect name for a jewel of a baby girl.


One of the elvish languages that was also spoken by the great Valar. It’s a great girl name or gender-neutral name. You could also go for a masculine name by dropping the “ya” for “quen.”


The land that was home to the Valar and, later, the elves. It would be a strong name for a baby boy that works as a first name or a middle name. Having “Val” as a nickname makes it appealing too.

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