Knowledgable Mothers Share: What I Wish I’d Known & Done During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a short and special time in your life. So it only makes sense to celebrate and enjoy it. Our readers chime in on the topic – What I wish I’d done during pregnancy.

Give Yourself Grace

“I wish I’d been more patient with myself. I was so forgetful and spacy, but the worst part was that I would berate myself for it. Now I realize how short a time it was, and I was way too hard on myself.”

Sleep Now

“Honestly, even though I couldn’t sleep very well toward the end of my pregnancy, I wish I had tried harder. I’m at a deficit I’ll never come back from.”

Don’t Buy or Register for EVERYTHING

“Hubs has the changing table in the garage organizing tools and some of my gardening stuff. We rarely used it for its intended purpose, and it had to go to the garage because there is absolutely no way to repurpose a traditional changing table as stylish furniture.”

Accept Help

“I spent the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy on bed rest, and I wish I would have taken more offers for help. I didn’t want to inconvenience anybody, but it was really hard on my husband and me. We don’t have family nearby, and I think people are slower to ask if we need help now that the baby is here because we rejected their offers once already.”

Don’t Take ALL the Advice Too Seriously

“I was talking to my cousins about gentle parenting and my aunt butted in telling us that the baby is a whole lot easier to discipline now than he will be when he comes out. I’m surprised our eyes aren’t all stuck in the back of our heads from rolling them so hard.”

Take Maternity Photos

“I wish I’d taken more photos. I shied away from them then because I felt like a house, but now I look back at the few pics and really, really regret not taking more.”

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