The Best Non-Toxic Bassinets 2023 Gear Guide

When preparing for a baby, there’s one thing that most parents would agree is top of mind: baby sleep.

It doesn’t help that oftentimes veteran parents meet the news of someone else’s upcoming baby with, “sleep while you can” and “better rest up now”.

It leaves expecting parents wondering: How often will the baby sleep? Will the baby ever sleep? Will I ever sleep again?

A bassinet is a safe place for babies to sleep throughout the first few months of their lives. Bassinets are typically smaller than cribs and have soft, mesh sides.

Best Non-Toxic Bassinets of 2023

Our list focuses on bassinets that are designed for safety and are free from (or contain fewer) worrisome chemicals you don’t want near your baby.

Halo BassiNest Glide Sleeper Bassinet

Designed to glide easily across any floor surface, including carpet, HALO’s Glide Sleeper Bassinet features breathable mesh walls and is BPA-free. Simply slide the bassinet in and out to make getting in and out of your own bed simple.

Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

For maximum comfort, the Maxi Cosi bassinet comes with its own safe and comfortable mattress. It is great for travel or for moving around the house to different rooms, as it easily folds up and reassembles.

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