Popular 70’s Names Making a Comeback

You know the saying about how everything that’s old must be made new again? Well that applies to names for your baby, too.

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Well that applies to names for your baby, too.

We’re not just talking about vintage monikers from the Victorian era, but totally cool, that’s so 70’s names from the age of the Hippies and the rise of Disco.

Popular 70’s Names Making a Comeback


The second most popular name for girls in the year 1970 with 269,000 little girls sharing the name that year, the three-letter French moniker means “beloved” or “well-loved”.


A gender neutral name of English origin, Halston means “hallowed stone”. It’s on this list thanks to the emblematic Roy Halston Frowick, American fashion designer who rose to international fame in the 1970s. His name is still used on glamorous fashions today.


The name Peace is another gender-neutral option that’s found itself on our list of popular 70’s names because of the “Peace and Love” movement that was widespread by the hippie community during the era.

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