3 Herbs for Fertility to Help Boost Your Odds for Getting Pregnant Naturally

Many couples face issues when trying to have a baby. And with more than 7 million women struggling to get pregnant or carry a baby to term, it’s no wonder that fertility treatments and intervention is on the rise

Some fertility treatments, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) can cost upward of $20,000.

Not all infertility problems can be treated with herbs – some truly do need medical intervention.

However, issues related to irregular cycles and ovulation, high stress, hormone imbalances, or even weak uterine muscles may be helped with herbal remedies for a fertility cleanse.

Red Raspberry Leaf for Fertility

Probably the most widely known herb when it comes to getting pregnant, red raspberry leaf is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, and B vitamins. This herb can help to regulate menstrual cycles, making ovulation easier to predict and increasing your chances of conception.

Alfalfa for Fertility

High in vitamins such as C, E, and K alfalfa is actually known as a super-food, used to treat a wide variety of health conditions. For fertility, alfalfa gives your body a boost of minerals that are essential for a strong, healthy reproductive system.

Stinging Nettle for Fertility

High in calcium and magnesium, this herb also cleanses and detoxifies to clear the system of harmful toxins that may be affecting fertility. Stinging nettle also has a calming effect

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