Taurus Names For Your Earth Sign Baby

Taurus babies are born between April 20th and May 20th, a period of time that takes place within the budding springtime season. Taurus is a fixed Earth element sign and is symbolized by the Bull. The Taurus constellation of the Bull has been used to signal the Spring Equinox for centuries.

As the second sign of the zodiac and ruler of the second house, Taurus’ are known for being grounded, methodical, dependable and patient. They also love to win and will remain steadfast in their ambitions until they succeed. If you’re looking for a name to suit your earth sign baby-to-be, check out our list of Taurus names.


An earthy name, Ashton literally means, “ash tree town”. Of English origin and originally used more commonly for boys, Ashton is now gaining popularity as a gender neutral name choice.


Avani is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin and means “earth”. We love this Taurus name for a little girl born under one of the rooted Earth signs.


Chane is of French origin and means “oak-hearted”. We admire this name’s connection to Taurus’ attributes of being both dependable and grounded like that of a great oak tree. Do you like the idea of a nature inspired name? Check out our list of Botanical Baby Names.


Meaning “victorious, winner, achiever or people of victory,” this Taurus name choice is of French and Greek origin — and couldn’t be more fitting of a sign that loves to win.


Emerald is considered to be the lucky stone of the Taurus zodiac sign. Emme is a cute spin on Emerald and is of Old German origin meaning “whole” or “universal”.