What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting describes an approach to raising children that has proven benefits in the field of psychology, and it just so happens to come naturally to many mothers.

Being a new parent is overwhelming. In the span of your entire life, new parenthood is a short period. 

Adopting a parenting style that is known to be more hands-on than the conventional approach might seem like throwing that balance even further out of order.

Because there are plenty of misconceptions about Attachment Parenting (AP), before we cover what this approach is, let’s take a look at what it isn’t.

What Attachment Parenting Isn’t

Some parents and experts make Attachment Parenting out to be a lifetime of servitude toward a tiny tyrant you’ve just given birth to. But in reality, no AP advocate advises you spend every minute of every day devoted to your baby, ignoring all other people and tasks in your life.

It does not mean you never put your baby down.

“Both of our little ones LOVED their baby swing. We started using it pretty early because my husband went back to work 2 weeks after our first was born and I knew there would be days I couldn’t get a shower before he left,”

It does not mean rushing in to rescue your baby the moment they wake up.

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