What You Should Know About Arsenic in Organic Rice

The latest buzz about what’s in our food has caused some parents to feel powerless. “Pink slime” in school lunches, BPA in canned goods, and now the latest buzz is about arsenic in rice… even organic rice.

Choosing Safe Rice

Recently I wrote about a Dartmouth study which revealed that high levels of inorganic arsenic were present in organic brown rice syrup (“OBRS.”)

The team focused its study on toddler formulas, energy performance products, and cereal bars. The current way of farming rice in soil which contains man-made, cancer causing arsenic is the problem.  Now what?

What Did the Rice Companies Say?

I happen to use organic brown rice syrup (“OBRS”) and couldn’t believe what I was reading. Lundberg is the maker of OBRS.

As we look into the findings of the study released on 2/16/12, we will continue to investigate, evaluate and acknowledge the research while continuing to place the consumer’s health at the forefront of our concerns...

They also indicated that in the past,  they didn’t test their rice.

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