The 2023 Guide for Eco-Friendly Safe and Natural Baby Toys 

For such tiny, little human beings, babies can require a lot of stuff. Of course, there are the necessities like strollers and car seats and the nice-to-haves like baby sleep aids, but then there’s also the fun stuff like adorable baby clothes and natural baby toys.

Of all the toys out there, baby toys have to be among the most serious. You see – rattles, mobiles, and even stuffed animals can all aid in your baby’s brain and physical development.

The best toys for baby development will not only cater to their developmental stages, but will also be safe, non-toxic and natural.

To make natural baby toy shopping a little easier, we have also compiled a list of some of the best natural baby toys, broken out by age and milestones.


Organic Reversible Playmat

Ethically made in India using organic traditional fabrics, the outer fabric of this playmat is a double layer of organic voile, making it super soft. It contains a machine washable fiber stuffing.

Organic Baby Toy Rattles

This adorable set of four soft rattles is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton using safe eco-friendly dyes. It is handmade in Peru with soft non-jarring rattle noise-makers on the inside.

Soft Cover Dino Book

This cute and colorful book is made from 100% organic cotton, making it perfect for your baby to start holding and grasping in their little hands. I