The Gentle Parenting Approach to Baby Swimming Lessons

Kaitlin Gardner’s advice on the gentle parenting approach to infant and baby swimming lessons will help you select the best option for your child’s first swimming experience.

Sink or Swim Training Can Lead to Trauma

If you practice gentle parenting or attachment parenting, you know the importance of the bond you’ve developed with your little one.

The “sink or swim” method probably doesn’t align with the principles of trust you’ve ensured in your child thus far.

How does your child feel when the one person they depend upon tosses them into the water to fend for themselves?

How to Teach a Baby to Swim

If you feel qualified to teach your little one how to swim, by all means, do so! This is yet another bonding experience for you and your child, and you’re the person they trust most in their own little world.

But if you don’t feel up to the task or if your child (like many kids) takes direction from someone else better than you, swimming lessons with a trained professional is probably the ideal solution.

While your child’s swimming instructor probably won’t throw them into the deep end to fend for themselves, there’s much to consider when you let someone else teach your child to swim.